Janardhan Talbot vol 1 book review Mohan Timmaraju

Janardhan Talbot (vol 1) by Mohan Timmaraju

Book: Janardhan Talbot, Vol 1 Author: Mohan Timmaraju Publisher: Self-published Pages: 482 Genre: Literary Fiction Rating: 4/5 stars Brief Review: The novel brings a pre-independent India on the fore and…
The Perfect Couple book review Sunain Banga

The Perfect Couple by Sunain Banga

“Are we walking back home?” I asked her in sign language. Our couple sign language. There was nothing different in the signs, they were the regular ones, except that only…
Greed Lust Addiction book worm review

Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral

In short, Ravi Dabral’s debut novel Greed Lust Addiction is a tale that unfolds slowly but in a better way that adds more to its literary weight and the seriousness…
Hard Times Book Worm Reviews

Hard Times by Dickens

Charles Dickens was considered to be among the greatest novelists not only in England but in the world. Still, his territory is unchallenged and he is being celebrated for his…
Elephants in the Room book review

Elephants in the Room – Review

Are you ready for some spine-chilling and a little violent crime thriller? Well, then end your wait and get a copy of Suraj Laxminarayanan’s debut novel entitled Elephants in the…