God and the Evolving Universe book review

God and the Evolving Universe

Title: God and the Evolving Universe Authors: James Redfield & Michael Murphy Publisher: Penguin-Random House Year: 2011 Pages: 336 Genre: Self-help BookWorm Rating: 3/5 Human beings have always been inquisitive…
Indicting Goliath BookWorm reviews

Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia

Book: Indicting Goliath Author: Lal Bhatia Publisher: Notion Press Year: 2018 Pages: 278 Genre: Autobiographical BookWorm Rating: 4/5 Part A of the book is a little background or surfacing that…
A Dowryless Wedding book worm

A Dowryless Wedding by Merlin Franco

Novel: A Dowryless Wedding Author: Merlin Franco Publisher: authors UPFRONT Year: 2018 Pages: 225 Genre: Satire Rating: 3.6/5 Bacon rightly said that some books are only to be tested and…
Making a Poem review book worm

Making a Poem by Vihang Naik

Poetry Collection – Making a Poem Composed by – Vihang A. Naik Publisher – Authors Press Publication year – 2018 Pages – 49 Genre – Poetry Rating – 4/5 stars!…
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Get free books in India! Can you?

Who does not want offers? Who does not want freebies? Who does not want something which comes with huge discounts? Who does not want savings? Well, are we excluding book…
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May 2018 – Announcement 1

The world is full of wonders and even then, wonders keep happening time to time for the world to witness. As a reader, people might witness wonders too. Sometimes, they…