A Dowryless Wedding by Merlin Franco

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A Dowryless Wedding book worm

Novel: A Dowryless Wedding
Author: Merlin Franco
Publisher: authors UPFRONT
Year: 2018
Pages: 225
Genre: Satire
Rating: 3.6/5

Bacon rightly said that some books are only to be tested and enjoyed (a deliberate attempt at misquoting the legend 😉 and I found one book which will be very tasty for the readers I know. I know the readers want to read something crispy and crunchy and not, however, too sweet. A Dowryless Wedding is exactly their kind of book which will be very amazing for them who just want to spend their weekend eating some chips and savouring a book all the way. It won’t take much time of the readers because it has merely 225 pages and modern readers, as far as I know, won’t invest more than 5 hours in eating the book up!

It is the debut novel by Merlin Franco. His writing has impressed me. Humour and light satire (which actually is a subterfuge for the hidden comic pain) will impress others as well. Plain English with some South Indian words to give the novel an Indian colour, a few scenes of love-making (don’t be too excited) and a long-term relationship with pain… in short, A Dowryless Wedding is nowhere near a painless marriage… it’s all about a couple, Franklin and Nisha, Christian Couple, who fail to understand their marriage in the true sense and you have to read how much that failure means to them. And believe me, you are going to enjoy the novel!

The plot does not hold any big secrets like the movie Satyameva Jayate and it is simple, plain and you know what’s happening. There is nothing hidden and so, you can assume, you won’t have to use your hidden consciousness to remember the episodes and the events exactly. You can just continue with your reading and decoding together. The narrative has been kept in a first-person account by the author and sometimes it feels like the novel is nothing but pieces of inspiration from the author’s own life. Merlin Franco’s introduction at the end of the novel (page 225) testifies this thought to a great extent.

Now, the most critical thing – who should read this novel? Well, to answer that, I will keep it simple. The novel is satirical, humorous and simple. It is not as great as a stripped pyjama guy burning in the furnace and it is surely not as bad as a guy marrying his girlfriend and adjusting life with her. This is an average content given the form for a very good novel which can certainly be enjoyed one time! Regular readers and casual readers both can enjoy Merlin’s A Dowryless Wedding alike. It will be good for teenagers and early readers as well as for the pros in reading.

I will rate it 3.6 because I liked the concept and the execution. I certainly did not like the conclusion a lot because the author has tried to portray the win of an idea which is certainly not justified because… you will know it when you read it. Overall, A Dowryless Wedding was fun! Happy reading all!

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A Dowryless Wedding
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Sitting idle? You need to read the story of this marriage which begins with a bang only to end with a … well, do read it! You will laugh; you will think; you will get angry as well! Who was wrong? Do tell in the comment section. All the best!

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