A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh

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A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Ji book worm

Book: A Thousand Seeds of Joy
Author: Ananda Karunesh
Publisher: The Write Place
Year: 2018
Pages: 370
Genre: Spiritual
BookWorm Rating: 5/5

This book was more a surprise to me than being a normal book to be read. The title, in full, says A Thousand Seeds of Joy: Teachings of Lakshmi and Saraswati (Ascended Goddesses Series Book 1). So, as a normal reader would think, I really thought the book is about some talks on these Goddesses and the author would introduce us to the usual religious norms and spiritual directives. However, as I said at the beginning, to my surprise, the book actually contains the talks by none other than the Goddesses themselves.

Yes, that was my initial reaction as well but when I say it I was really baffled at the beginning and my interest in the book went very high, initially. I took my time and read the first few chapters. In the book, the author asks the questions and the Goddesses answer those and we readers can enjoy the conversation and learn from it.

So, the book is divided into sections and sections are divided into chapters. There are seven sections and 33 chapters in the book. Some of the sections are dedicated to the women and womanhood and feminism. You, if you are a ‘the creator was she’ type of guy, will certainly like reading those sections with some really interesting information coming from the Goddesses. Topics on Radha, Sita, Mary, Eve, Gopis, and all other famous women in the religious context will be very interesting for the readers, I do believe so. The book also discusses awakening, chakras and consciousness in a very detailed as well as fresh manner which will certainly be new for the constant readers of spiritual literature.

The importance of this book increases for a casual reader because most of the things discussed in the book are directly related to our daily lives. How we perceive the world around us; how we attach ourselves to people and objects; how we go about our daily lives and many other aspects of human discourse (abstract and physical) are talked in the book.

The language is moderate and it will certainly need an expertise to be able to go through this book and grasp all that is being said and discussed. There are references made to the cultural and religious elements and the readers will need to be aware of those before reading it or they can use the endnotes added at the end of the book for very selected few items.

To conclude, A Thousand Seeds of Joy is very fresh. This is not like the ones which are popular and offer content like the ones already in the bookstores. This will be a unique experience altogether. So, are you ready to listen to the Goddesses? Get your copy from Amazon India right now and you can enjoy a different realm of consciousness…

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A Thousand Seeds of Joy
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A book which might entirely change how you see things… doesn’t matter how did you see thus far! Do read this book…

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  • A different kind of novel (should I say that) that expresses the thoughts of goddesses on different interesting questions.Yes, there are characters and there is a deep conversation!

  • Hey, that one is a really nice book. It seems to be a spiritual one that arranges the mind in perfect order. The talk between goddesses will be a good thing to acquire high-class knowledge in a simple way as the reviewer suggests… let me try the book because I can’t wait to read this book.


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