What Is Everything Made Of? The five elements of creation by Ananya Singh and Khushboo Singh – Book Review

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What is Everything Made of? Ananya Singh Khushboo Singh book review

When kids become students and start their schooling, other than the books that their teachers teach, they should start reading a few essential books that would shape their thoughts and understanding of the world and strengthen their prospects for the future. It is valid for someone studying in class 10 and also the one studying in KG. In India, we are blessed to have many oceans of knowledge in form of literature in various languages – ancient languages like Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam, Avadhi, Maithili, Odia, Telugu, and many others have a vast corpus of literature. Can kids just start reading everything? No! However, we can surely offer them a simplified version of these works as they grow, according to their understanding capacity and age. For the absolute beginners, I am proposing a work by Ananya Singh and Khushboo Singh – What is Everything Made of? The five elements of creation.

This title by Khushboo and Ananya is very short, nicely printed in hardbound board book style, discusses the five elements of nature with pictures and accompanying text that explain the concept to young readers in brief, and in a very convenient way. Kids learn not only by reading but also by watching. And therefore, the visually appealing nature of this book will keep them engaged till the very end and reveal the basic concept of panch bhutas or the five elements of nature in a persuasive way. The authors have worked very well in preparing the visual and textual content of the book.

In a friendly way, the book begins and introduces the concept to the readers. Five elements are shown as friendly angels of nature who support the world. When kids will read that these five elements of nature are their friends, they will find it enjoyable, assuring and also something worth remembering. Everyone remembers friends, right? These optics and psychological factors matter a lot when someone suggests books for kids. You cannot bull dodge them with intellectual or academic content at a young age.

However, there is one thing that might have been a little different in the book. It visually represents Indian tradition with the clothes and looks of the people represented. However, the representation of panch bhutas, well-described in Sanskrit as Maha Bhutas, as five angels might be a little confusing or I would rather directly say inappropriate for kids who don’t know angels. A totally original or the actual version might have been more helpful in introducing the kids to the original concept in a simplified version. In the current form, more than simplification, it takes a form of deterioration. Hope the authors work on these in the next edition.

You can get this book for your kids from Amazon India in a wonderfully published form. It can be a bedside book or an evening book for kids. They will enjoy reading it, seeing it and experiencing it. That is sure. Get it from Amazon India by clicking the below:

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What Is Everything Made Of? The five elements of creation by Ananya Singh and Khushboo Singh – Book Review
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What Is Everything Made Of? The five elements of creation by Ananya Singh and Khushboo Singh introduces the concept of panch bhutas to young readers in a convenient and simplified way.

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