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The Kintsugi Moms by Dr Haseena Chokkiyil book review Self-help

The Kintsugi Moms: Transformative Insights from a Healer’s Diary – this is the title of the book (complete) and quite insightful as well. The book by Dr Haseena Chokkiyil is a compilation of stories of hope and courage. The author discusses 8 women and their journeys from a state of total darkness to positivity, growth and life. Moreover, apart from the stories that inspire, there is another part of the book that discusses Dr Haseena’s roadmap to Kintsugi – joining the broken pieces and making life even more fruitful. Kintsugi art, a Japanese art of creating things from broken pieces, has been used as a metaphor that aptly fits the demands and themes of the book. The Kintsugi Moms, therefore, celebrates motherhood and mothers who have risen like phoenixes from their ashes (of sorrows, guilt, negativity and chaos).

Though the book might attract many eyeballs because famous actress Sushmita Sen, former Miss Universe, has written the foreword for it, there is more than that in the book (and that’s why the famous actress has written a wonderful foreword to it).

Dr Haseena’s writing is measured. She leaves room for her readers to associate themselves with the stories and find resemblance in their lives. For instance, situations that have been discussed in the stories may arise in the life of anyone. Illness, troubles in relationships, death, adversity and confusion can come up in the lives of people without notice. Once there, these negative things can break someone into pieces, shred hopes, destroy self-confidence, and eventually destruct the zeal for life if there is no one to take care of and empathise with. Especially, in terms of marriage, a caring and understanding partner can get someone into and out of such situations – both ways. Dr Haseena’s book focuses on wives who have been left alone in their hours of need by their partners. With the counselling and help of the author, who is a holistic healer and a homoeopathic doctor, these women stood up to the challenge, faced and braved, and kept fighting… eventually to win and are able to narrate their stories for others to be inspired!

Out of the eight stories in the book, many will appeal to readers in many ways. All these stories are narrated by the author in a compelling manner. With women (and a mother) at the centre of every story, readers will certainly know the plight of women in general (in our society). Moreover, these stories are full of energy and positivity that will enhance someone’s assessments of oneself. The inputs and notes by the author, Dr Haseena, are further helpful for readers who are going through a negative phase of life, an inferiority complex, and other troublesome emotions or thoughts.

The second part of the book readers more like a conventional non-fiction book in the self-help genre. However, unlike the trend and orthodox narrative suggesting readers think, rise, raise, ignore, and other things, Dr Haseena’s ideas are different and very practical. She suggests a roadmap to Kintsugi or a plan by following which one can make oneself better (eventually). Women, in general, will find these ideas very appealing and also simple to follow and implement in their lives. It is no hidden truth that women have to face many things in the family, society and everywhere. Though many things have changed, there are still many more to go. And ideas of holistic healing and working on oneself are indeed helpful when no one comes forward to help or support. The author suggests simple activities in very clear words. For example, though it might sound weird and funny to many at first, let’s discuss the following:

“Think of each emotion you want to release. Then jump up and down three times and scream the following words at the top of your voice while hitting the pillow: ‘Get off my back!’”

While discussing the methods to process emotions, the author suggests the above exercise. As said earlier, it might sound funny at first, but such exercises can have a deep impact and very helpful intervention in one’s disturbed life. And there are many more such activities suggested by Dr Haseena in the second part of the book that one can follow oneself or join a group where such things are done to help people.

There are diagrams, images, illustrations, charts and lists in the book other than stories and helpful tips in plain text. It is one of those rare works of self-help literature that are you compelled to read throughout. I am sure many readers will find many things in the book interesting, enraging and helpful. Also, the author has certainly raised the voice of single mothers emphatically enough, and many must take notes.

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The Kintsugi Moms by Dr Haseena – Book Review
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The Kintsugi Moms by Dr Haseena is a self-help book that actually has helpful content, innovative, authentic and truly appreciable. The stories raise concerns and the tips give hope.

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