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Elephants in the Room book review

Are you ready for some spine-chilling and a little violent crime thriller? Well, then end your wait and get a copy of Suraj Laxminarayanan’s debut novel entitled Elephants in the Room. A one-act novel where the incidents of three days are covered. Some robbers (of different gangs) mix up inside a bank and they begin shooting and murdering each-other before the novel ends with rare bodies able to walk out of the bank and what do the robbers get? Well, that’s a suspense that readers can find out once they read this novel which is carrying a few extra pages than the ordinary fiction written these days.

Suraj Laxminarayanan’s novel was long-due and much awaited by the book lovers across the nation. It has a huge anticipation built up because the pre and beta readers were all liking it. The novel has been released recently and it has caught up the sales on Amazon as well.

Most of the things about this novel, Elephants in the Room, is amazing and rather different compared to the ordinary fiction being published these days. Nevertheless, merely a difference in the characterisation and a rather detailed, event and time-oriented plot are not there to make this novel a different piece of fiction. There are many other features in this work – a psychological layer added to the crime fiction, a deep narrative which opens up the readers experience to a new level.

A reader can find it in the novel – the novelist has not only written how the events take place, why the incidents happen (accidents as well) and when, but also that what the characters involved might be thinking during the events. So, one can safely understand that the author has also worked on the subconscious side of the actions. This is, to be honest, a very new kind of experiment in Indian fiction writing.

On the downside, the novel might take a little-prolonged route and make it difficult for the casual readers of fiction. Details are there. Much details are there. It is about 600 pages of a deep-fiction and it might not suit the readers who are there to enjoy 4-5 hours book on a weekend. However, it is sure that they will enjoy the novel written by Suraj – it has everything that a modern fiction reader might want to have in a book he or she reads.

Talking about the language, it is simple. The narrative is a well-designed and the plot is well-crafted. Technical elements of the novel are very well balanced and it makes the book an easy read for the new age fiction readers, no doubt about that. Moreover, the classic readers might well like the experiment by Suraj, the debutant. So, are you ready for some violence and some detailed psychological sneak-into?

Get your copies of Elephants in the Room from Amazon India right now and enjoy this crime thriller which is being appreciated and liked by readers in India.

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review by Santosh for BookWorm Reviews

Elephants in the Room
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The novel is for the hardcore crime thriller readers… it has violence and a balance which is created by the deep psychological perspectives of the characters involved in the crime scenes… an experimental novel that you should read for sure!

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