5 Books to read in September 2018 – the Monsoon list!

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Monsoon, though wet and damp most often, is a season that most of us love. Most of us look for things to do in monsoons, foods to enjoy in monsoon and also places to visit in this season. However, have you ever tried books to read this monsoon? What are the books that you will read this September? Have you made your list yet? BookWorms have come to your rescue here. We will tell you what books might have your interest this month and how. Do read this list carefully and do let us know in the comments section if you have an opinion on our opinion.

One: Death as a Fact of Life by David Hendin: Well, the title sounds too good, doesn’t it? This classic book was first published in the year 1973 by Norton. Since the first publication, the book has always been a case of curiosity among the intellectuals and acerbic as well as the rookies in philosophy and theosophy. The author of this book is a medical journalist and he reignites a debate, morally and ethically and also legally – all pertaining to death. Arguments like good death, bad death are there and I am sure it will be interesting enough for the readers to keep them busy and engaged with the thoughts. If you are interested, you can get a copy of this widely-read book:

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Two: Franz Kafka’s Short Stories: Well, this is the book I have read several times and I still find something new whenever I turn the pages. You can never see your interest in the short stories of Kafka die. He is (though was) a gem for the literary enthusiasts because his writings open new vistas of fiction’s limitations which are unlimited in a sense. Have you read Franz Kafka yet? If not, this September, make him your companion and you will see what you have been missing for all the while in your reader’s journey. You can get a copy of his short stories collection from Amazin India:

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Three: Freedom from the Known by J. Krishnamurti: Have you read him yet? One of the greatest world leaders in the terms of thoughts and spiritual way-making, Jiddu Krishnamurti has been read, heard and followed very widely by the people around the world. His books are phenomenal and you cannot deny that his words (after reading) did not impress you. The present book, Freedom from the Known, is a collection of (perhaps in fragments) his talks delivered on various key issues in life which directly mingle with our daily lives. A wild leap into the wild – this is what you will feel when you begin reading this book and you will certainly recommend it to your friends like I am doing here… a magical book! Get your copy from Amazon India right now:

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Four: Sikkim in my Love Story by Narsing Nirzat: Well, this is rather a recent book published by Notion Press and authored by a popular writer from North-east India, Narsing Nirzat. In this book, a collection of short stories, the author has included nine of his long short stories. Each of these stories is focused on various aspects and issues and emotions and the natural beauty of Sikkim, it’s people and culture. However, one needs to know that all the short stories are based on real events, real people and real places. So, why not get your hands on this amazing book and learn something about the state of Sikkim in a very elaborative way by reading short stories… get this book from Amazon India:

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Five: A Dowryless Wedding by Merlin Franco: You must have read our review of the book. I just thought to rekindle the flame once more… this is a very different kind of novel which will not only impress you in the terms of witty plot but also because of the author’s treatment of the serious issues in a rather humorous way. I will reiterate that the book is a perfect weekend read so you can better save it for those Sundays or maybe Saturdays… read about a wedding which rose to heights of love and then slid down to the level of misunderstanding and complications… get a copy from Amazon now:

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So, guys, this is what I have to offer for the September reading challenge or advice or recommendations – whatever pleases you. Do try finding some time to read these books and see if BookWorm’s recommendations work for you. We will keep coming with recommendations like this every month so do share our article with your friends and family… all the best and happy reading!

By an ANONYMOUS BookWorm for BookWorm Reviews

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