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Uma Vanka announces his new book Future is B.I.G

Uma Vanka, the bestselling author who has written I AM A ROCKSTAR: An Expert Guide to Success, has announced his upcoming book on Social Media – Future is B.I.G. The author announced it on his Facebook and Instagram profiles. It is a piece of good news for the readers who are eager to know more about the latest innovations in the field of science and technology. The first book by Uma discussed career, one’s growth in professional and personal fields of life, the role of technology in today’s business and where does a person fits in all these with his or her awareness about the same. The book was a huge success given that it was the first book by the author. The second book, which is yet to be released, promises to discuss technology, finance, the role of AI and the internet in personal and professional life, how can an individual and business take advantage of such developments and so on.

On a question of what’s the use of developing technology for an individual, the author says, ‘understand technology and market trends and adapt to them. That’s the only way to benefit from the future’. And looking into the future, that’s the only way to move forward. Prudent and those with a foresight into the future have only succeeded in life and those, individuals or businesses, which couldn’t fathom the trends of the world in business and technology, have failed like Kodak and Nokia!

Future is B.I.G by Uma Vanka promises to make the readers aware of the latest innovations and developments in technology in the world. It also discusses how these recent developments have made the lives of people convenient in many ways. The book will also bring a realistic scenario to the readers – which jobs will be affected by AIs and how can an individual prepare him or her the best to keep oneself employable in the near and distant future. The author has also discussed how to be safe with the cyber world changing rapidly, things being connected to each other through the internet of things and everything constantly syncing information with some sort of server. It naturally comes to anyone’s mind – with so much advancement, are we safe or at a constant risk? Many conceptions and misconceptions will be dealt with in the book by Uma Vanka and it will surely be very helpful for anyone interested in technology.

IN short, Future is B.I.G is going to deal with many new ideas, concepts, trace the development in the world of technology, simplify the world of technology and many things associated with it to the readers, bring to the light the opportunities of individuals and businesses that the expansion of technology will bring and also discuss the ways to innovate. Technology is inevitable today, it is the need of tomorrow and therefore, it is better to be aware rather than being surprised.


By Gunjan for BookWorm Reviews

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