Antarctica Diaries: a trip to beyond by Anuj Tikku

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Antarctica Diaries Anuj Tikku book review

Travelling has always been touted as one of the most productive uses of one’s leisure. All over the world, countless are the people who spend their time travelling here and there. Some of them do it for their passion while others do it to ignite passion in people. One of India’s most famous travel bloggers, Anuj Tikku, is a known person among travel enthusiasts because he keeps exploring different parts of the world and writes about his experiences. This time, I am sharing my experience reading Anuj Tikku’s book on his Antarctica trip – Antarctica Diaries: A Trip to Beyond.

The best part of this book is that Anuj Tikku, being a passionate photographer too, has shared many memorable images from his trip to Antarctica. He has also shared many videos on his YouTube channel that can be accessed here:


The book is not very long. It can be read very well within a day even if a person is a lazy reader. It begins with two chapters by a fellow travel writer Kavita Kumble. She shares her experiences with great detail and very measured writing. And then Anuj Tikku begins his part of the journey. One very subtle and important thing I have noticed in Anuj Tikku’s writing is that he has taken care of everything a person not knowing much about Antarctica might want to know before taking the trip. These small details are the things that make a travel writer better or distinguished.

There are 20 chapters in the book and each of the chapters is happening and decorated with pictures. Moreover, the writing by Anuj Tikku is also matching the beauty of Antarctic sceneries. You can take a look at the lines below:

“Stretches and stretches of ice slates, fat and thin, floated in the sea. It was as if the ship was doing its own ice skating dance and that was the glory of my view from the deck.”

Also, the book is packed with information about the scenes that come across the author. When among the penguins, Anuj shares the scientific information that a reader might or might not be interested in. It’s all but upon the readers’ choices. However, let me say that some of the information shared by Anuj is just amazing!

Talking about the way Anuj Tikku shares his travelling experience, it’s balanced and well-executed. He also shares the possible fares and the information related to halts and flights. This knowledge becomes very handy when it comes to a beginner and also for financial planning.

Anuj’s book Antarctica Diaries: A Trip to Beyond is a happening book and the experiences by Anuj comes alive for the readers by his images and the placement of those. For travel enthusiasts, the book is a must-have and must-read. For those who just want to know about the Antarctic land, this book will be a perfect first-hand experience by an Indian or Antarctica. Dive into the world of icebergs, penguins, seals and snow… You can get a Kindle copy and start reading the book right away! It’s worth all the time you give!

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review by Abhishek for BookWorm Reviews

Antarctica Diaries by Anuj Tikku
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A must-read for travel as well as Antarctica enthusiasts… a short but information and experience-packed read!

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