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Many authors make their debut every month and readers of Indian English writing have many ones to choose from. Some just become too popular quickly and a few take their time in making in-roads to the reading tables of the readers. It’s all about the content on offer – who the author is doesn’t matter if what the author offers is worthy and exciting. Today, we take a look at some of the authors who made their writing debuts recently and received a good response from the readers.

Dr Sarika Jain: For her objectivity and the well-balanced narrative that offers in her debut work, SHE – a message for those who belittle girls, Sarika is getting cheers and kudos from the readers. Though her work is non-fiction and she has written about the issues that women face in the society, still, her book is doing great compared to many fictional works published alongside hers. Her book has been praised by many popular book reviewers in India and also many literary platforms. You can read her work by getting a copy from Amazon India – buy now

Ravi Dabral: He made his debut as a novelist recently with the publication of Greed Lust Addiction in English and the same book translated into Hindi as Lalach Vasna Lat. Ravi’s book offers an intriguing blend of ancient India’s policies with modern India’s execution. He brings to the fore the characters who represent modern India – Vijay, Suraj and a certain character who digs into the ancient treasures and finds out the solutions of contemporary problems – Guru Ji. A novel that offers crime, thriller, intrigue and an exciting story, Greed Lust Addiction has made sure that the novelist is being considered as one of the best crime thriller authors of India. You can read his book by getting a copy from Amazon – click here to buy

Sujith Balakrishnan: This author from South India, currently in Dubai, has made his debut into novel writing with his realistic novel The Chronicle of Golgotha Days. This novel has shaken the conscience of the conscious readers who can empathise and understand situations of other people. Based on an incident of 1996, Sujith’s novel tears into the system of justice and political influence on the judiciary in India. His novel’s central character, Abhaya, represents the teenage schoolgirl who was brutally raped and pushed into prostitution back in 1996. The novel has earned him praises for his blunt writing, pinching realism and also the art of narrative. You can read his work by getting a copy from Amazon India – click here to buy now.

Mohan Timmaraju: He is the last one who features on our list today. A veteran, a retired professional and a person who was born into and brought up in a family of patriots and freedom fighters. His debut novel, Janardhan Talbot, features the story of first Indian independence war of 1857 with a plot that revolves around a south Indian man named Janardhan Rao who assumes, later, the identity of a British Jonathan Talbot. This is a different kind of novel that features more psychological inputs than physical actions. This novel has given Mohan a distinct recognition among the readers of serious fiction. You can read his work by getting a copy from Amazon India – click here to buy his novel

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