The Perfect Couple by Sunain Banga

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The Perfect Couple book review Sunain Banga

“Are we walking back home?” I asked her in sign language. Our couple sign language. There was nothing different in the signs, they were the regular ones, except that only she understood.

Sunain Banga’s latest novel, The Perfect Couple, is a novel written for the readers who are young, energetic and enjoy reading works mainly meant to be enjoyed – romance for the teenagers or a romantic novel for the youths. Written in a first-person narrative, the novel mostly exhibits qualities of a lost-and-found diary in which a lover is expressing the episodes of his love to the readers.

The novel begins with Raman, a hard-working guy who wants to become a singer and musician. A young man who plays the guitar is always the centre of curiosity among youths. His love interest, Ananya, is also a girl of ambition but her major objective in life is to somehow get her love – Raman. So, the goals set, The Perfect Couple begin their journey in the year 2010 and it all begins with a proposal of love behind ‘that’ cottage and a slap and a hug and a promise of ‘forever’.

Okay, so, as you can just sense at the very beginning of the novel that it’s all about a romantic journey of a couple in their teenage, the novel is just that! You will find everything else that completes a love story well-placed and well-settled. However, as the story has teenagers as the protagonists, you might not encounter that seriousness in the narrative. It’s just some Raman, some Ananya and their love as they can perceive it. For that matter, because the author is himself a young chap, he has beautifully portrayed that.

5 years of the journey (and continued) has been detailed in the novel by Sunain Banga with dates, time and places. It will, as I mentioned earlier, a diary experience awaits you if you begin reading The Perfect Couple. For the better of our readers, I will suggest that young readers should read this book and they will like it a lot.

Commenting critically on this novel, I will firmly say that it is just a light read that comes to the rescue on weekends. Readers who read this book will only get casual entertainment because nothing is extraordinary about the narrative, theme or the plot. Moreover, if I go liberal, I will say that the novel is a complete package for youths – a romantic tale, a romantic couple, teenage love and everything about it. So, the novel is perfectly placed for a 3.2/5 star ratings from my side – light, interesting and critically shallow because it only focuses on Raman and Ananya’s journey more than anything else.

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The Perfect Couple
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A novel that will hit the refresh button… a casual and light romance.

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