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Greed Lust Addiction book worm review

In short, Ravi Dabral’s debut novel Greed Lust Addiction is a tale that unfolds slowly but in a better way that adds more to its literary weight and the seriousness of realism. The novelist has included truth, vision, personal experience and fiction in a very measured proportion that makes this novel nothing lesser and nothing more than what it was intended to be.

In the twilights of his thoughts, Suraj, an investigative journalist by profession is fade up of his wife’s incessant demands. He tries all his best to make her understand but fails. However, before anything else could move, Suraj meets a fatal car accident and his body is found. Vijay, Suraj’s younger brother whom we meet at the very beginning of the novel, becomes a police inspector only to realise the deep-rooted corruption in the department. The novel moves to a great distance in a diary format and Vijay continues to know himself and also let the readers know more and more about Suraj’s personality, past and way of life. As readers, we only become more and more admirers of Suraj’s hard work and his rules and ethics in life. We also come to know about the CDs of sting operations that Suraj had done. However, because he is dead (supposedly), Vijay only becomes worried and curious to know what those sting operations might reveal. The plot then takes Vijay and readers to Rishikesh where he meets Guruji, an achieved personality who has the influence to change people’s lives towards betterment.

However, the twists begin to appear and Vija, along with the readers, is surprised to know more and more about Suraj and his works. I am not revealing the biggest twist in the plot. However, the fight against corruption and evils in the society becomes larger with the involvement of many hardworking people and it commences into the formation of a political party – Human Welfare Party. Guruji shows the way and his disciples work day and night.

Other than this main theme of the current state of corruption and the problem of sick mentality in the politicians and bureaucrats, there are many other things that Ravi Dabral has touched upon in his debut work. He has tried to let the readers know about the abilities and influence of the accomplished Sadhus and Sanyasis who live in different parts of India. Yoga, Dhyan, religious secrets to a better life… many things are discussed in the novel very wonderfully. The characters including Vijay, Suraj, Guruji, Sima, Priya and many others have been taken from the real world and they depict the real scenario.

Ravi has managed to keep his novel Greed Lust Addiction very simple. He did not try to make it too obfuscated in terms of narrative and the use of language. Likewise, he has kept the idea of his fiction limited rather than trying to make it all-encompassing. These are the things that make this novel a different attempt. Many other novelists do include a bit of this and that along with the universal injection of physical intimacy to keep the readers indulged. However, I am very satisfied to say that the novelist did not have to take that turn in case of this work and he has pulled it off wonderfully!

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Greed Lust Addiction - Ravi Dabral
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A perfect fiction for the youth and the grown-ups! Something to learn; something to rejoice and something to entertain.

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