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Education and Significance of Life Krishnamurti book review

Today, I am going to review a book that is neither literary fiction, non-fiction nor academic rather it’s a book of life. The book has depicted some thoughts that may be life changing for the new generation. It has taken the practical approach to reform the vices lying in us. I am talking about the book ‘Education and the Significance of Life’ by J. Krishnamurti. We all know about the author and his writing styles. He never rides on the chariot of fancies rather always tries to be reasonable and raises questions on many things and tries to give a possible solution to them as well.

His Book:
Our education system is so vapid that we can not go out of a certain extent. I don’t know whether it’s utopia or dystopia, we are reading old syllabus year by year and when it’s completed we become capable of nothing. J. Krishnamurti has shown his concern on these vital issues 50 years ago and now the present situation is even worse and I am fearing for the future. He blatantly argued in his book about the education system. The fundamental pillar on which education is based has been forgotten. The role of education is to guide us to live a better life that can be helpful to the nation. The element of ‘nationality’ is totally forgotten and we can see these things by just looking at some recent events.

We are just becoming problem-solving machines that fall in the trap of a greedy life. The author in the book argues somewhere, Education, as it is at present, is no way encourages the understanding of inherent tendencies and environmental influences which condition the mind and the heart and sustain fear, and therefore, it does not help us to break through those conditions and bring about an integrated human beings. In a nutshell, he is furious about the education of today. In his view, education of today is not providing enough resources to understand what is the significance of life. He states some parameters and judged the system on the basis and found nothing is improving.

Now, coming to the technical part of the book. It has eight chapters. The chapters have been divided in a way by which we can learn a lot. Starting from the understanding of education and significance of life it ends at art, beauty and creation.

J. Krishnamurti has raised some serious questions on our thought process and decision making. He tries to let us learn that life has a deep significance and the education that we are getting is just a momentary flash. Krishnamurti stresses that an environment free of fear is essential for creating an atmosphere in which real education can take place. But I disagree with him on certain points. He looks likes a pessimist who simply hates the changes in education. For him, engineers have lesser value. But I have a question here If I have a degree of MA in Philosophy. I am good in thoughts, morality but I don’t know any skill to get a job of even ten thousand a month. Moreover, we all want to live a life not luxurious but at least of a certain comfort. So, what Krishnamurti is talking about is good we should give the importance about our life but in doing so we can lose our fuel to live.

You can get his book by visiting the Amazon link below. Do let me know your thoughts if you have read the book already. Happy reading and all the best!

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Education and the Significance of Life
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A book that you should read… to know better about you and the education you are getting!

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  • OceanOmkarandMe
    January 20, 2020 9:19 pm

    Thanks bookworm I didn’t had the book so it helped me to get an idea I’m surely getting this book.

  • Oleksandr Molodchyk
    June 4, 2023 1:57 pm

    “but I don’t know any skill to get a job of even ten thousand a month.”
    Did you mean ten thousand dollars or rupees? If dollars well that’s quite nice of a goal, if rupees, well it’s kinda sad. Did you find a nice job/ was your situation bettered? I see in your profile that you read a lot of books, I hope, I can achieve that number, some day, too.


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