Should you self-publish your book now?

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Self-publishing has become the new normal for many authors as well as the readers in India now. A few years ago, the authors who self-published their books were considered inferior to the authors who got their books published by traditional publishers. However, today, the game has changed. Many self-published authors with content and talent are leading the packs and they are setting new examples every day. So, it would be safe to say that self-publishing has become the new cool and new normal now.

For many authors, there is a still a conundrum though. They do not understand whether self-publishing will be beneficial for them or not. They still cannot find the true value, meaning and consequences of self-publishing in its fullest. For them, it would always be wise to join some kind of self-publishing network. Such networks of self-published authors and wannabe authors who are interested in self-publishing are the platforms where people discuss their experience in self-publishing as well as post-publishing jobs such as book promotions and marketing.

One such network can be joined here – Self-publishing Network. This network has been established by the people who have brought a radical change in the meaning of book promotion in India and also in the book blogging 2.0. You can, if you are an author, learn many things and truths about self-publishing a book. You can also get your book self-published under their guidance because it will bring quality service to you in the lowest possible cost as the experts will be leading your way. Self-publishing can be very costly if you are a first-time author and you don’t understand much about self-publishing. There are many publishers who just wait to milk money from authors and break their will in the very first book to so low that they cannot think about the second book any sooner. So, you have to be aware of such publishers who are not more than scams!

So, don’t let your book wait in the backseat! Join the self-published author’s network today and begin your journey as an author to touch the new heights of writing. This network guides authors to manuscript editing, choosing the right publisher, getting the book published and then promoting the book to realise your goals as the author you wanted to be. We wish you the best!

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