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BookWorm Reviews new features

Dear readers, many thanks for sticking with us for a long time! It’s a delight seeing that our platform, BookWorm Reviews, has lived to a great extent to the purpose for which we established it – to make reading even more delightful with our suggestions, choices and reviews. Though we do not tend to directly influence the reading choices of our readers, we certainly guide you towards making better choices and understanding the nature of literature, what suits you and what you should generally skip. Now, as we have redesigned our website and made it even more friendly for the readers, it’s the time to bring more on the table. Therefore, we are introducing a few new features, beginning this month – July 2020. What are these?

BookWorm Pick of the Month: This is going to be our ultimate choice for the month that we will offer to our readers. On the basis of our reading, analysis, relevance and usefulness for the readers, we will pick one book, irrespective of genre and language (Indian languages only) as the BookWorm Pick of the Month and write a detailed review of the same, recommend it to the ideal readers and we will also try to reach the author of the book for a possible interaction so that the readers can also know their author other than the book. Is it exciting? Getting recommendations from all the bookworms on this platform and picking up a book for you!

BookWorm Novel of the Month: As the title of the feature says it loudly, this will be exclusive to the genre. We will pick a novel that we think will be an ideal pick for all our readers for the month. Our picking criteria is very versatile and not as simple as cherry-picking, literally and figuratively. So, all you novel lovers can relax and wait for our picks every month with an assurance that we will keep you excited all the year with our pickings. Are you ready for the BookWorm Novel of July 2020?

BookWorm Poetry Collection of the Month: When it comes to poetry, there are not very takers these days. It has happened for many reasons. One is that the readers have lost interest in the poetry of yesterday and the second is that the poetry of today is not as versatile as it used to be yesterday… dilemma! We have the solution for this. We will pick the best poetry collection for you every month. It will be aimed at creating an interest in poetry once again and also bring the deserving poets to the fore. It is going to be exciting because we know there are many poetry lovers out there who are constantly searching for something better… we are here, bookworms! Be ready for our BookWorm Poetry Collection of July 2020.

BookWorm Nonfiction Book of the Month: We cannot leave this broad genre aside when it comes to picking the best books every month. Non-fiction is a broad genre that harbours books of self-improvement, spirituality, religion, politics, current issues and so on… it is almost never-ending and we cannot call ourselves BookWorms unless we offer our readers what we think is the best for them for a month in this genre. So, be ready with your table lamps and we are offering you the best titles from our huge collection of non-fiction books every month. And right now, fasten your seat-belt because we are coming with the BookWorm Non-fiction of July 2020 very soon!

BookWorm Short Story Collection of the Month: Yes, yes, yes! How can we forget this wonderful genre which has given us many unfathomable memories… from the wonderful Russian tales to the fables of Vishnugupta and so on… we will be digging deeper into the abyss of this genre to bring to you, our beloved bookworms, the best short stories collections every month. In a few days, we will bring out the collection for July 2020 and so, all you short stories lovers out there, be ready with your spectacles because it’s going to be unmissable!

Dear bookworms, this is it for now and we will keep updating you with our policy decisions or announcements like this in the future once we have any. Until then, enjoy your reading lists and keep reading! Stay safe. Don’t step out unless extremely necessary. Otherwise, what can be better than working from home with the stack of favourite books besides you! 🙂

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  • Mohnish Senapati
    July 10, 2021 6:33 pm

    I am one of the certified book reviewers at the black swan industry and want to review your writer’s books. In order to help new writers get up in this new commers in this industry which can in future provide us with excellent projects.


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