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SHE by Dr Sarika Jain book review

Book: SHE: A message for those who belittle girls
Author: Dr Sarika Jain
Published by: BlueRose publication
Publication Year: 2019
Formats: Amazon Kindle, Paperback
Genre: Feminism, Non-fiction
Reviewed by: Sanjit
Rating: 4/5 stars

Many times, books are written for purposes more than information and entertainment depending upon the genres of writing – fiction or non-fiction. Fiction is more than entertainment and non-fiction should be more than just information. Recently, I read two fiction books and then three non-fictional works by very distinct and amazing authors. I am reviewing one of them today – SHE by Dr Sarika Jain. SHE is a book written about the condition of women and problems faced by them here and there, every now and then. Written in plain English that every reader can get the most out of it, the author has ensured that her message is heard by one and all.

Comprising of 18 chapters, the book deals with issues related to women in the most animated matter that I have read till now. SHE takes a step further than the common books on feminism in India those tend to take the expected lines – blame men for everything women. Sarika has taken a different line and she has written about the problems that women face from a woman’s perspective – what they face, what they want, what they need and all.

SHE: A message for those who belittle girls is a forceful message. It is not about blaming a gender or a race for the condition of women but to introspect and analyse as a society – where have we failed. When a society fails to respect or honour women, we cannot blame only men or only women for that. We have to find out the loopholes that have failed to educate our children on how to interact and act with women.

The truth is that such books are needed more and more in numbers which talk about the true dignity of women and don’t pass the buck, as simple as that. Sarika has written not only about the problems but also about the possible solutions and a vision that might be essential if we want to make our women safer, respected and ambitious enough. Her examples are there that may interest the readers in drawing inspiration. Her examples are from different walks of life about the women who have achieved great heights. Reading about them makes on surprised – how can that be? Why cannot we? And this is what one needs to believe!

Writing by the author is simple but sharp. She has made her points wisely and comfortably. Chapters are planned in a similar fashion – problems, examples and solutions. This book is beneficial for readers who are young and aspiring. They will understand the emotions of the writer and will connect with those rather easily. You can get a copy from Amazon – either in Kindle or Paperback:

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review by Sanjit

SHE: A message for those who belittle girls
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A must-read book for youths and youngs of the country!

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