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Ravi Dabral Anitha Rathod Mohan Timmaraju

Out of the 7 authors I have read recently, I have only found three of them with the potential to move ahead with their writing and excel in the field of their respective genres. Though, in any way, I am not discounting all others whom I read recently. They are also very talented and good authors. However, there is something called making one’s own way and then, there is something called following someone’s footprints. The three I have found to be making their own marks instead of following others are Anitha Rathod – a famous children author already, Ravi Dabral – author of debut spiritual fiction Greed Lust Addiction and Mohan Timmaraju – author of debut novel Janardhan Talbot, set in the India of 1850s.

First of all, let’s discuss Anitha Rathod. She is talented. She is already becoming very popular among the readers, who are mostly children and established among the parents who are the purchasers of her children literature. Basic introduction to her can be found here. I will only discuss her qualities as a children’s author. Anitha is focusing more on two aspects of her writing – how to impart knowledge to the kids and at the same time, how to keep the fiction at an entertaining level so that the readers can enjoy the stories. Her books always tend to leave an impression on the readers that is useful and informative other than being highly entertaining. Some of her books are: Why do we celebrate Holi? Ramadan: My first fast, and Messy Bun Princess. You can see all her books and also buy the ones you like from her official website – Author Anitha Rathod

Ravi Dabral, with his very debut fiction Greed Lust Addiction, has managed his name among the authors who have impressed with their very first novels. His theme, the treatment, the plot and also the narrative – everything has fallen almost with a perfection that helps the author create an impressive effect upon the minds of the readers. Though it is only his first novel, still, the way it has come up certainly tells the readers that there is something in his writing. While keeping the subject matter of the novel at a higher pedestal, the author has kept his narrative just standard enough so that a common reader can also enjoy the plight of a young man who wants to understand life from two clear perspectives – spiritual way and material way and perhaps, a two-and-a-half-way – a way that blends the two for a compact life. I liked the overall impression of this author and I am sure readers will appreciate him. You can find more about him on his official website: Author Ravi Dabral

And last but not least, I enjoyed the writing of Mohan Timmaraju to the fullest. Though he is a veteran, he has written his debut novel with a vigour that will make young readers his sure fan! Janardhan Talbot is a novel that is literary in the sense that it provides the readers with the realism that is mature and not just ugly or too polished. Unlike Ravi Dabral, Mohan’s treatment of a serious theme is serious only and it will only suit the readers who can cope with the dimensions of literary fiction. Though there are the instances that render the youthful passions beautifully. And it is certainly pleasing to see that an author in his seventies could pull off the scenes of love-making this wonderfully! A thrilling tale for one reason and a complete novel for many reasons, Janardhan Talbot proves that a serious fiction can appeal to the readers of every age-group with different points of appeal. You can know more about Mohan here: Author Mohan Timmaraju

So, guys, these are the three authors that I have recently found after my reading and I liked them a lot. You can find their books and many others on Amazon at cheap prices:

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