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Announcements by BookWorm Reviews

The world is full of wonders and even then, wonders keep happening time to time for the world to witness. As a reader, people might witness wonders too. Sometimes, they get to read some books which are awesome and other times, that might be awful. Expressions might vary – ‘what a book man’ to ‘what the heck man’… and so on. However, with us, the bookworms, there is no question of defeat. We get to the depth of the books we read and we believe in unravelling the books in various sections so that the readers can get the best out of our review which will actually help them in making decisions – whether to take the book or not. So, are you ready for the bookworms to take over? Are you ready for the BookWorm Reviews? We are here, readers!

What will we do?

Book Reviews: We will be doing book reviews on our website. We read books of various genres (almost everything) and we do quality book reviews. We never compromise our reviews by tilting it to either positive only or negative only. We aim at bringing the neutral perspective (if available and viable) to the readers so that they can make their decision whether to read a book or not. We are open-hearted admirers as well as cold-blooded critics! You will see it soon. J

Interviews: Sometimes, there are the authors whom we like and admire. Sometimes, entirely opposite happens. However, to make it look a little justified, we have decided to invite the authors for the interview. We will ask and they will respond; it will make things even. You will read some very interesting stuff in the form of author interviews on this website. So, don’t leave the BookWorm in a hurry; make sure you browse enough of our website every day!

Analysis: Other than the direct and obvious things, we also love doing analysis on our website. Time to time, our Book Worms will be coming with their thoughts and opinions on what is going on in the literary world around us. You will certainly like those analytical articles on the BookWorm website.

Giveaways: Well, we do offer free books from time-to-time! Make sure you check our freebies section which will be posted on the homepage as well. We will keep bringing stuff for you – free of cost! Cheers!

So, this is our first post and our first announcement as the Book Worms! We will keep coming with new posts regularly and most often. All the best guys!

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