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Who does not want offers? Who does not want freebies? Who does not want something which comes with huge discounts? Who does not want savings? Well, are we excluding book lovers from this? Book lovers do want offers time to time and this, to tell you, is what we are bringing for them. We will tell you about a website which offers you the books free of cost and you can actually read a lot, now! Free Paperbacks India is a newly launched website which will offer free books to the readers. Does not it sound too good?

Free Paperbacks India will be fully functional after the initial launch in the July month this year. This website will be committed to providing free books to Indian book lovers. It will also utilise the online space and sell cheaper books to those who want to read new as well as rare books every now and then. Our team had a chat with the team on that side and the revealed many plans for the future.

How to get free books in India is that one question which most of us often asking ourselves and many other people. Now, with this launch of this website, we are Book Worm Reviews are sure of having a respite. Please visit them and offer your advice or your suggestion to create the space as more friendly and more empowered. Other than the readers, writers can also contact them and offer their books as giveaways and freebies to reach a wider audience.

Let’s hope that free paperbacks India will prove to be a landmark initiative in this field. With Indians lining up to read more and more, we do need resources like this where we can actually get books free of cost. How do they do it is up to them to think and ponder, readers like us just want free books and that’s it.

The website has launched and it has three books as of now. You can buy those books free of cost and many readers have done so already. You have to inform the team before making the purchase and once you receive the signal to do so, just buy the book from Amazon India by clicking on the cover of the book you want to buy. Once you have bought the book, you will have to share your purchase confirmation with the team and they will initiate the refund which will reach to you within 3-5 days.

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