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I am a rockstar uma vanka review book

Books on success and achievements are not a new thing that’s happening out of the blue or suddenly. This is an episode which has been occurring and repeating itself time and again in the history of publication, writing and literary production (to add all possible phenomena). It is simply because we people do need some expert opinions and some experts to motivate us for taking the right path and reaching our goals. And therefore, we keep looking for motivational or inspirational, practical and ambitious pieces of literature by experts in their fields. One such book by an expert in business, Uma Vanka, has appeared recently with a title: I AM A ROCKSTAR: An expert guide to success.

Uma Vanka’s highly successful career enables him to come up with such book in which he can advise others, his readers, about the way forward and how to take things up in life in order to reach to the desired conclusion. The book is a very different piece of literature compared to the customary books on inspirational topics, whether professional or general. I AM A ROCKSTAR, with a very different and casual title, is more about Uma Vanka’s personal experiences in life and how he became what he is now – a person with over 20 years of experience in corporate life and a highly successful resume, currently stating global partnership in TCS, US. So, this is more of an active book from the side of the author where he shares about his experiences and his ideas, vision and advice. As the ideas are coming out of first-hand experiences, the author has done his best to make them original, practical and also authentic.

“The summary is as long as I am confident in my actions, and I am not doing anything stupid to gain attention, I think attention is a good thing.”

And there are many more practical examples like the one I mentioned above. When you begin reading the book, for a moment, you might also feel that why is Uma talking and talking and indulging in conversation very less. However, as you move ahead, deeper into the book, you will realise that Uma Vanka’s conversations with his colleagues, his boss, his employers, his friends or anyone have a deeper meaning and just by analysing them, you can realise many things that you need to do in your life to become a successful professional with sure chances of success. The lines mentioned above appear in the chapter on criticism where Uma is telling his readers when and why avoiding certain acts of criticism might be essential as well as useful for all.

The book, I AM A ROCKSTAR has 13 chapters and almost 200 pages. The book has many interesting points that the readers will like and learn from them. For example, it begins by introducing the very cause of this book – keeping life simple as it should be. Uma’s approach has been very straightforward: introducing the readers to the concept of success, achievements, leadership, a perfect life where things are in a harmony and ultimately realising the life has been worth it! Though the case studies in the book might be limited because the author talks about himself and his experiences only. However, you can largley relate to the topics and the assumptions or the conclusions that Uma draws from his past experiences because you can see the relevance of the dealt ideas in his book.

The language used by the writer in this non-fiction book is very simple, apt and suits the occasion. Anyone with a basic knowledge of the English language can read, understand and learn from this book. I AM A ROCKSTAR by Uma Vanka is a book that shares the secrets of success after only being realised and tested by the writer in his own real life. You cannot, however, believe everything as it comes to you in the beginning. However, once you get going and reach chapters after chapters, you will begin taking things as they should be interpreted and realise that Uma’s experiences have brought practical assumptions and logical conclusions for the readers… you can get a copy of the book from Amazon India and read the book. Here is the link:

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I AM A ROCKSTAR: An expert guide to success

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  • Easy Language
  • Practical, Authentic & First-person account
  • Logical Conclusions & Assumptions

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  • May seem monologue in the beginning
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  • This is indeed a wonderfully written book as it seems from the review. I will give it a read very soon. Thank you guys!


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