Preety Praveen’s writing exhibits promise, simplicity, and a ‘serious’ concern for the romance genre

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Indian fiction is almost becoming customary for the readers who read romance fiction day in and day out. A guy and a girl, most probably do not want to see each other initially and then, eventually, falling in love (almost surprisingly). However, there is a twist. A few love stories end as you might expect with the girl and the guy meeting at the end for a future together. However, a few novels leave you with unexpected conclusions that not only surprise you but also plant seeds of doubt in your thoughts – is there something called true love?

On the other hand, there are still traditional or rather artistic authors writing novels that complete the circle of love and give the readers hope, positivity and reasons to believe in love, true love. One such author that I stumbled upon, incidentally, is Preety Praveen. Her debut (and only until today) novel, Cross Connection, permeates the echoes of true love, rings the bells of fate and also gives the readers the version of the author, missing in usual romance fiction by many young novelists. Preety’s debut work as an author has certainly given her writing ambitions a spur and also a force that she must reckon with that came out in the form of views and opinions shared by the readers, critics and serious reviewers.

Any author’s success should be measured by the affinity that his or her book(s) may create in the readers for the writing of that particular writer. In the case of Preety Praveen, you will find that she has modelled her characters very realistically and it certainly gives the common readers a feeling that anyone might be Naveen or Simar well within their circumstances. The readers who have talked about the book on various platforms like Goodreads and Amazon and some prominent literary websites have been very vocal about the fact that the novelist has kept her story within the reach of the common people and their lives. The story offers entertainment, emotions, realism and a way forward – the author emphasises that if you are true in your pursuit, yes, there will be hope on your side forever. This message makes Preety’s writing much different from a usual romance that you can read by any young author these days.

Preety Praveen does send a hopeful message to the readers via her book and she also promised the sequel to her debut and bestselling novel, Cross Connection. Let us see when it hits the bookstalls and what changes the author makes in her approach to fiction writing that has largely been successful in the first attempt. You can know more about the author on her website – Preety Praveen.


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