The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self-Mastery by Pooja Khanna – Book Review

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The Art of Becoming Whole by Pooja Khanna book review

When it comes to understanding spirituality and spiritual ideas by reading books, things have largely been obscure for common readers in India. Understanding these texts might be a little difficult because of the lack of basic understanding about heightened ideas like Moksha, Mukti, freedom, inner being, soul and PEACE. And naturally, we are constantly looking for works that can help us understand the best ways to lead life. If you are also seeking the best contemporary pieces of literature that can inspire you to live a wonderful life, you should know about The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self-Mastery, written by Pooja Khanna.

This 226-page book has been written in a very friendly tone. It is, perhaps, the purpose of the author to make most of the readers able to understand the core concepts of happiness and self-dependence in order to lead a life that does not get affected by anything around an individual. For this simplistic nature of the narrative of this book, a reader must thank the author because she has not made a mistake that most of the authors (writing spiritual books) make – writing an elite book for elite readers. And mark my words, The Art of Becoming Whole by Pooja Khanna will exchange many hands… it will be a book which will be recommended by the readers to their friends and families because of the simple writing and effective communication that the author has established in her attempt.

The concepts like unlearning and forgetting things which are not necessary, getting rid of the ego of personality, thinking that something is permanently there with someone… many other concepts that we often cannot understand because of their obscure nature and complex lexicon used by the authors have been wonderfully explored and explained by Pooja in her book. For example, let’s try to understand the line below:

“We need to be able to recognise and acknowledge our own truths. You don’t need to explain those to others, it is more important to recognize these things yourself.”

Now, this concept of self-realisation and awareness about oneself is a tough one if we go into the ramifications and hardcore spiritual equivalence for the words that Pooja has written in her book, chapter 8, Unlearning to Relearn. Pooja has enabled her readers to understand the easy steps of self-realisation and eternal happiness. She has included many exercises that one can follow very comfortably. She has included many key-points, bold lines, italicised lines and many other things in a manner that we can all understand instantly just after reading once.

This book is for the readers who want to know the ingredients of satisfaction, happiness, wonderful experiences of having a life without any burden. Well, we can understand these things by taking the usual route and going through traditional spiritual literature. However, this one by Pooja, The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self-Mastery, is a book that can tell many things to the readers without complicating them any further.

I would recommend this book to every reader who wants to lead a life without any burden and tension of the past or future. Though the book might not be all that you need, it is certainly a part of your journey to betterment if you follow the things that the author has highlighted. It will be a refreshing experience that will have beneficial impacts on your views about many things in day to day life. All the best if you have already planned to read this book!

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The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self-Mastery

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