A Dumb’s Story by Sudipta Roy – Book Review

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A Dumb's Story by Sudipta Roy a novel book review

“Once you die, you have to stay alone forever in your lone portrait. So why choose to live alone before your death?” Why can’t you be seen with many people as long as you are alive?”

Nairit says to Neer. One is the protagonist and another is an important character in the novel I am going to discuss in this article.

Life is an opportunity, make the best use of it. The path is all yours. You just need to understand your true potential and start walking on it without wasting any single minute on the thoughts like what will happen, how will happen, whats, ifs and so on. Nothing can stop you except you yourself. If you keep walking firmly, you will achieve both name and fame. This is the essence of this wonderful book.

A Dumb’s Story is a fictional tale featuring Nairit as the protagonist. And I believe his life is an inspiration for all of us. Nairit is not a son of any famous personality nor does he had the support of some great politician. Still, his life has many things to make you feel encouraged and motivated. The entire story circles around the why, when, what, where and how of Nairit’s life. Along with his parents, Nairit only has his best friend Bayu to understand, to support, to make him laugh and to walk with him. So you must be wondering what did he do that gained him so much popularity? Hailing from a small village in the Southen part of India and a simple family, Nairit earned a seat for himself in the Parliament. Isn’t it quite surprising? If not, then let me uncover something to make you astonished that Nairit was dumb. He lost his ability to speak because of cancer and that was totally because of his adamant idea to continue smoking more and more in spite of many brief periods of trouble in the form of ulcers on his tongue. Now, it would not only be surprising, but exciting and sentimental too for you to know what kept him hydrated (motivated) for this achievement and how did he make it.

Nowadays, where the young generation wants a life free from challenges and where they get everything in hand like a serving plate with all their favourite dishes, Sudipta’s this book gives them a reality check. They consider famous celebs from Bollywood and the cricket world as their role models. However, I feel, characters like Nairit are more inspirational. They tell us how to struggle for one’s desires for the welfare of oneself or even the society at large. Nairit could have chosen to be a fashionable motivational speaker or something of that sort but he chose to enter into public life and social service in spite of his physical problems because he wanted to make things happen… Though he’s a fictional character, in reality, like Nairit, there are many people with some or other disabilities who have done wonders. 

Apart from this, this story also portrays two important relations of our lives. One is friendship and the other is love. Nairit never felt his dumbness as Bayu was there with him every moment. In his every endeavour, Bayu walked with him. He became his voice. This literally touched me. It too has an episode of love. However, it’s not like you get to read in books of Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta’s and so on. The episodes portray love as a true support system. You might feel you fall short in extracting entertainment out of this novel but you may feel you get to bring many new concepts and ideas to the fore. Sudipta’s storytelling skills and his art of keeping the first and the third person narrative floating together without any trouble will certainly impress you. Do read this novel when you can make time. You can get a copy from Amazon India:

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Review by Sarthak Mishra for BookWorm Reviews

A Dumb's Story by Sudipta Roy – Book Review
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The novel is a class apart… told by a modern storyteller who has traditional abilities and a modern awareness. Enjoyable? Yes. Relatable? Yes. Should you read? Yes!

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