USAma: Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist? Amit Bagaira

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USAma Is USA the World's Largest Terrorist_ Book Review

USAma: is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist?
Author: Amit Bagaria
Publisher: Notion Press
Pages: 422
Format Read: Hardcover
Review by: Sushil Sinha for Egoistic Readers

Is there any author in India who has done this before? Saying it loudly that USA is a terror state? Saying it loudly that USA has done more damage to the world than many terror organisations have not done? It takes courage to do such heroics and it seems that Amit Bagaria, the author of USAma, has that conviction and courage to do so. In his voluminous book, he has directly alleged that the USA is not only global terrorist but also the largest terrorist organisation in the world. Why did he say so? What does he have as proof? Let me share my review of this quality non-fiction book and you will understand. 

The Content: 

Who can guess what? It came as a shock to me to know that USA has used the big brand names (companies) to grind its strategic (fair and otherwise) axe against various nations. Companies like IBM, Ford, P&G and even Prentice Hall were (and perhaps are still) used as the vehicles to ‘smuggle’ the spies and secure the espionage successfully. These details are there in the ultimate chapter of the book entitled Corporate Terror. Throughout the book, Amit Bagaria has exposed how the USA uses various possible means from political pressure to proxy terrorism to maintain its favour around the world. 

The book’s chapters are chiefly divided on the same idea. Many chapters are based primarily on the instances of US intervention in different countries and the same has been recorded carefully and in details by the author. The chapters on Cuba and China are illuminating while the chapter on Yugoslavia is just heart-breaking! For the reasons mostly unknown and partially known to the world, USA has always been involved in stopping the nation from walking the path of progress. 

The hardbound edition of the book USAma: Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist has many more things to tell than what I have tried to explain here. One has to read this book with 33 chapters to understand why Amit Bagaria has alleged that USA is a terrorist nation – far more dangerous and lethal than ISIS and any other. 


USAma is a book that clears the air on many doubts we are having in our mind about the USA and it’s dubious roles as a double agent – with terrorism or against terrorism – maybe both! Amit Bagaria has done the right thing by exposing the duplicity of the USA and this book has come up as a fact-filled body of literature that will help the curious and interested readers understand what it means being the USA – glorified power that misuses and even abuses its power whenever it wants. Read the book and you will understand many things about the things you need to know. You can get a copy of the book from Amazon and enjoy reading it right away. Here is the link: 

buy the book by Amit Bagaria – click here (Amazon India) 

review by Sushil for BookWormReviews


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