Sriramcharitmanas aur Prabandhan Neeti by Rajeev Acharya and Surabhi – Review

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Sriramcharitmanas aur Prabandhan Neeti

I have been a reader of self-help books for a long period of time. I like many things about self-help books and also don’t get along a few things that many authors tend to do and even repeat in the books they write. However, there are books that offer just the things that you need as a reader and enjoy the same. I recently had the opportunity to read Sriramcharitmanas aur Prabandhan Neeti by Rajeev ‘Acharya’ and the co-author Surabhi who happens to be the wife of the author. What better it could be than co-authoring a book with your spouse? Well, coming to the content of the book, let us discuss why the book is different and what it offers to the readers of self-help books.

The first thing about this book that all the readers must pay attention to is that the book is written is in Hindi and the author has used many extracts from the original Sriramcharitmanas to drive his modern ideas home – how the characters in Ramcharitmanas stand exemplary tall in their actions and thoughts to become the benchmarks of success, achievement, leadership and great assets for the society. Teamwork, decision-making, prudence, affection, devotion, sacrifice, tough stance… many modern lessons that we learn in highly paid classes for motivation and leadership can be extracted from this book because the authors have worked wonderfully in extracting the same from the work by Tulsidas.

The authors have also cited many great instances in the form of poems by traditional and great Hindi poets like Nirala, Maithili Sharan Gupt, Hariaundh, and many others. Moreover, every chapter in the book offers a perspective into the original work by Goswami Tulsidas. For example, a chapter tells – Prabandhan Sutra: Uchit Samay par Karya Karna – meaning, Management Sutra: working at the right hour. And then, inside the chapter, the authors have cited various sources from Sriramcharitmanas as well as other epics and works of literature to prove how the work by Tulsidas, Sriramcharitmanas, can show us the path to get inspired to finish our works within the timeframe.

To sum it up, the work is written in a very wonderful language with fluency and authority over the use of words, analogies and verse from various sources. The author has also taken care of the narrative in a way that does not let the reader feel alienated on any occasion. It is surely there to attach the readers to the concepts that the authors have been discussing and enjoy the wonders that Sriramcharitmanas offers other than being religious and spiritual.

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Review by VishnuG M for BookWorm Reviews

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