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There are many authors in our country, writing in various languages, who find themselves inspired by the struggles and impediments in their lives. This is what we call experience and the process that transforms experiences into words is called writing, for many of us. However, we all experience sorrows and joys but why don’t we all become writers? Well, who is not a writer? And, if everyone becomes a writer, who will be readers then? Nevertheless, right now, we are not discussing the quandary over writers and readers. I am here to share the story of an author, Vanisha Uppal, who has penned down a wonderful book on life, realisations in life, experiences and one’s reaction to it. On The Way is the title of the book by Vanisha and you can find it on various platforms and her official website. A review featured on Indian Book Critics, one of the leading book review websites and literary platforms in India, is here: On The Way by Vanisha Uppal

Vanisha Uppal is a dancer, dance teacher, practitioner of Kriya Yoga, and a mother who has just turned into writing books. We cannot say that she is a new writer because her blog posts have already got many views and many appreciations from readers. However, writing a book based on your experiences is still a big achievement and that becomes bigger when readers like it more than loose blog pieces on some websites. Vanisha has turned into an author who can create universal stories from her personal experiences and you still feel connected to those as if the stories, the anecdotes or the episodes are talking about your life and your experiences. That is the beauty Vanisha’s very debut book offers. On The Way is about everyone who is on the way to realising the meaning of life, the purpose of life and the real way to lead it peacefully, convincingly and pleasantly. Many authors have tried to write on such subjects and we have a new one who has written about the same subject with great differences and remarkable simplicity.

I will say that it is simplicity that makes Vanisha stand out as an author writing about life’s experiences. The author claims that her meditation practice has reformed her from the inside and she sees life in a very simple perspective compared to what others messed up in various facets of life see. Her writing emphasises life’s simplicity and its beauty in that very simplicity. She is into writing poetry, writing short stories and also writing realistic episodes from her life, childhood, adulthood, teenage years, marriage, motherhood and others.

Out of many Indian authors writing non-fiction books on life, I will put Vanisha above many others and it’s because she has earned it with her emphatically impactful writing in the debut book. She uses simple vocabulary and empathises with the readers instead of daunting them with elite language and ‘you don’t have this’ attitude. You will find these things in her blog posts too. However, in terms of the book, it has come up rather impactfully and one can easily get that sense. Still, I would suggest you read some of her posts or the book itself and make your own opinions. All the best!


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