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Suraj Laxminarayanan author elephants in the room

Authors are not regularly perfect; occasionally, a few authors get their writing recognised with the very first attempt and some of such authors are among us, by chance. We have today the opportunity to feature one such author among us – Suraj Laxminarayanan. He is the author of Elephants in the Room, a crime thriller novel. His writing is simple yet enticing enough to engage the readers with the content for about 600 pages in a go. Can you believe it? Well, we could not, in the first instance. So, today we will look into the writing of Suraj Laxminarayanan and a few interesting facts about his new book.

Interesting Characters:
For a tragic and thrilling novel like Elephants in the Room, one would find it very interesting that the characters that Suraj has designed are amazing not only by their deeds but also by their names. Nari, Vel and Assam are good to go but what about the characters named A1, 800 and 801? You will simply find it amusing but interesting.

“A1, I need your help.”

We are both trapped inside. We both need to escape from here. We don’t want to kill you. I repeat. We won’t kill you.”

The plot construction by Suraj in his very first novel is something to be appreciated and applauded. He has managed to pull off a very long novel based on a plot of bank robbery and you might say – what new is there? Well, all those movies you might have watched on bank heist and all those novels you have read on bank loot will start sounding a point or two below once you read this novel.

Other than thrill and excitement and crime and violence, the author has also focused on the criminal psychology as well as the inherent human psychology in his debut novel. He has used the self-conscious thinking in abundance but you won’t find it in the first person. The author has tried to present a study of the criminal psyche to the readers and some readers will certainly like it.

A realistic approach can also be found that the author has tried to use because howsoever thick the novel might be, it only tells the story of four odd days to the readers. That means, the author has put a lot of weight on the detailing of the events and that’s why it has gone to the said bulk… well, that might be a bold risk that Suraj has taken but the early readers have only appreciated the novel… this is an encouraging sign for the author!

You can learn more about Suraj, follow his updates and read more about his books on his official website:

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  • It looks like a very interesting book. SUraj should succeed if the book really meets the expectations of the modern readers and I hope it does… let’s see! I am excited for this!


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