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Romantic novels or romance novels or just romance, you can call this genre by many names but all point at, usually, a couple, break-ups, new couples, sex, a few deaths (mostly) and something exciting. This is, in most cases, the usual formula of writing romantic fiction. However, in many cases, the authors also overdrive their passion to present their extreme thoughts on the pages of their novels and it is either all sensuality or all violence or all for nothing! Nevertheless, there are authors who try to do things differently and they also manage to succeed and some excel their own expectations in most of the cases. I remember reading many debut romantic novels by many authors and some of those titles were truly amazing. Today, I will be sharing a few observations about Malini Amaladoss, a debut novelist with her title Retrace Love. This is a very different romantic title with many things that we seldom find in debut novels.

Malini Amaladoss envisions romance in a different way. Her writing is fuelled by passion as well as sensible guidance, you will notice that a meaningful fiction is developing as you continue reading and move on… with every passing chapter. It does not focus on any individual or any particular event or action. Retrace Love develops in an all-round direction with everyone involved and various aspects of love and life coming together rather than zooming in on sex or excitement alone; a usual quality of novice romantic novelists who try to measure the reader’s sensual inclination with Chetan Bhagat style descriptions of physical indulgence… Malini has avoided all such things and her novel stamps that her writing is something to stay in the game and not to fade away after a title or possibly the second one.

The more you read, the more you will tend to think that Malini is writing with a purpose rather than writing for an occasion. Retrace Love has appeared more as a novel that reinforces the idea of love in its raw form rather than love as we mostly see being exhibited these days in the novels by semi-adult authors who focus more on physical beings rather than emotions and thoughts. Her characters are animated and alive, developing with every chapter and showing various shades of human emotions that we usually lack when we read the novels by young novelists or even the novelists who are mature but rather convenient in exhibiting romance on the bed rather than romance of hearts.

Though this is just one novel by Malini Amaladoss as of now, it gives us an ample idea of her writing, her philosophy, her vision and her style. To cit things short, Malini is an author who stir emotions of various kinds in her readers. Her characters fall in love, live life with various thoughts and emotions, make love, make mistakes, correct mistakes and try to develop with time. Characters like Ray and Tina will remain the memories of many readers for many days after reading the debut work by Malini. Her upcoming novel is already announced on her official website as You Complete Me. We will wait and watch for that piece to release and we will surely comment about that once we get our hands on the same. Till then, do read Retrace Love and enjoy the hopeful and positive side of it.

by Gunjan for BookWorm Reviews

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