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Though this is not a proper solution, yet I am too eager to share my adventures with fellow bookworms through this website. Truth is that we cannot completely understand what an author or a poet tries to convey through his or her works unless we communicate with the artist. However, the ones who are no more among us, the ones who are legends and already gone, the ones whose works still reverberate in our ears and the ones who will be immortal with their letters even after the ashes and burials, can still be understood by what they wrote not as fiction but as honest opinions, advice, confessions and emotions. Yes, I am talking about letters written by great literary figures throughout the eras and across languages. Try to understand and interpret the letters written by popular literary figures and you may find the backdoor entry to various layers of their fictions that might erstwhile be closed via the front door. Be it English literature or Hindi literature or even the literature of the bygone era, Sanskrit and Roman or Greek, you will always find a great tradition of letters.

For instance, the letters written by John Keats can easily help a reader understand that he was constantly burning with passion. He loved his beloved so much and most of his poetic works were dedicated to her without a front-line acknowledgement. Likewise, the letters by Amrita Pritam to certain someone might give us another layer to her poetry and prose works. And everyone who is an artist of words does write fanciful letters and you will understand the depths of his or her emotions very well if you can get your hands on letters, the first-hand letters, though.

You can read many letters by figures like T S Eliot and James Joyce that will explain the complex, perplexing and layered thoughts behind the epochmaking works like The Waste Land and others by these two great authors and poets. The letters by Virginia Woolf also shows the hows and whys behind her troublesome works that created history and gave women their long-due of representation in fiction. The letters by Aldous Huxley and complex artists like Horace Walpole will certainly help the readers with various aids to interpreting the works that established new genres in fiction and non-fiction.

In short, if you see it clearly, letters can help a great deal in understanding the works of many authors and poets. They can easily help one guess the mental frame of mind, perspectives, opinions and inclinations that these great literary figures had. We can easily get inside the room where work of literature was produced… Also, we can get a first-hand view to witness their lives once again, in pieces and heaps.

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