4 Must-read Self-help Authors Who Actually Compel You to THINK!

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4 self-help authors you must read

In the contemporary age, there are two kinds of books have become more popular. First, romantic books and second are the self-help books. There may be many reasons that we can trace and conjecture but the fact is bare and apparent. Romantic fiction and self-help, motivational, inspirational non-fiction books have become very popular and mostly found during train journeys and casual flights. With so many reasons to debate, the readers of a young age are more interested in these two genres of contemporary literature. There is an abundance of titles available in these genres and most of the successful authors in the contemporary age write either of the two. Well, there are always exceptions but we can certainly trace the general trends. At the same time, with the increase in self-help titles every day, it has certainly become a difficult task to pick a quality author we can read according to our requirements – career, professional growth, sales, spiritual well-being and so on and so forth. In this article, I will try to tell you about the best four contemporary Indian authors you might enjoy reading as per your mood, interests and requirements for the time. Let’s get it started!

  1. Gaur Gopal Das: He is a trained electric engineer who left a job in HP to become a life coach. Well, the decision was a curious case for many and still is! He is a motivational speaker as well. He has written several books on self-help. He has seen the life from the perspectives of objectivity and practicality and all of his experiences are apparent to the readers who can witness the same in his books. Gopal Das has tried to narrate his ideas in a way in which the readers can understand the situations according to their preferences and conditions. When objectivity meets practicality, things become clear and the same idea can be found by the readers in his books. He has written Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life in 2018 and the book has become a bestseller in no time. A well-balanced approach can be seen in his ideas, thoughts and practical examples. He can be read if you are facing challenges in your life in general – you might need clarity in things from a spiritual as well as motivational perspective.
  2. Sharat Sharma: This is the name that might surprise many because the person mentioned above is a well-known Guru today… well, Sharat Sharma has risen to the occasion with his well-delivered talks, motivational seminars and corporate sessions as well as his bestselling book, The One Invisible Code. Sharat’s approach in his book, as well as in his face-to-face sessions, is focused on practical aspects of life. He tries to show a very clear picture of the cause and effects to his readers. The One Invisible Code will be a very helpful book for the readers who find themselves trapped in a situation where they cannot make a choice they are convinced about. Sharat has planned his lessons and content in a way that unfolds gradually and helps the readers in understanding the scenarios explained in the book, and in their lives as well, in a very interesting and assured way. He does not promise fancy ways to fly to success directly. He tries to make the readers aware of their own capabilities and use the same to establish goals in life and achieve the same. Sharat Sharma is the author who will be most suited to the readers who are young, 9-5 officer goers in their early years, sales professionals and those who want to realise their dreams as truth.  Nevertheless, anyone who is interested in living their lives with full awareness of various situations and a life in which one controls the things rather than being controlled by situations can also read his book.
  3. Chetan Bhagat: While Chetan Bhagat is much-criticised and equally popular for his romantic novels, he has also written three non-fiction books and all of them are bestsellers. He perceives the genre differently and he tries to present his opinions in a rather unconventional manner compared to other authors of this genre. He is more interested in finding instant solutions to the problems rather than fixing it for a lifetime. His ideas are practical in nature and simple to practise. His biggest accomplishment is the way he presents those complex things in simple words and thus, making it convenient for his readers, mostly youths, understand all those aspects of life and society they would not consider, otherwise. Opposing and debating will not going to solve a problem rather purposing an idea is a way forward. Chetan’s books in the non-fiction genre, self-help and motivational categories are for the readers who want to read how to innovate and excel in life and move ahead.
  4. Robin Sharma: Who does not know Robin? He is a well-known author in the field of self-help, motivation and leadership. His books have been recognized all around the world. The major themes of his books are stress management, life management, motivation, spiritualism and leadership styles. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The 5 am Club are the well-accomplished books by him along with others. The writing of Robin is critical and provides a clear cut vision of what should be done ‘next’. Robin’s ideas about life management and disciplined life are well researched and easy to follow in real life. However, the suitable audience for his books will be the readers who are into the corporate world and are feeling stressed because of the pressure at their workplace.

So, friends, this was the list for the day and I am sure that it will give you an impetus to begin reading the self-help genre and explore your options. All the best with you reading lists and continue reading the best literature so that you continue widening the circle of your intellectual and practical horizons.

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by Gunjan for BookWorm Reviews

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