Some Love Only Once by Seema Seth is a purposeful entry to the new 20-20 literature genre

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Seema Seth's Some Love Only Once and the 20-20 Literature

I would like to include Seema Seth’s recent work Some Love Only Once: The drone Story in the ’20-20 literature’ genre. What do I mean by 20-20 literature? It is just like playing or watching a 20-20 match. More fun in less time! And this is the demand of today’s busy life. Today, when we are struggling for time, it becomes really hard to take some Extra time out to read books. And reading a novel seeks time commitment. You need to spend a significant amount of time finishing a book. And a significant amount of time depends on your reading speed. There is a huge possibility that you may take more time to complete a book because of persistent work or study pressure. Eventually, your focus begins to lose. You feel difficult to recall the events, themes and characters. And you end up leaving without completing it. This situation is really annoying. And this is where Seema Seth’s book, Some Love Only Once, offers you relief to a great extent.

Seema’s Some Love Only Once is a very very short book. To your surprise, it won’t take more than 15 minutes for you to finish it. Isn’t it startling? You must be wondering how can a book be finished in less than 15 minutes? This is the USP of this book. It starts at a fast pace, quickly reaches climax, absorbs you thoroughly, and ends brilliantly, leaving you amidst the pool of thoughts. I was in awe after reading this book. My mind and heart were celebrating the victory of completing a book after quite a long time. And at the same time, I was appreciating Seema for coming up with such a great concept. Like a full-length novel, this book sufficed my reading thirst and offered me a sense of contentment. I was wondering how the author may have envisioned, written, and completed such a book! Short but complete, quick-read but deeply meaningful… amazing!

Though the book is short, it is packed with a wonderful story, a thoughtful message and lots of excitement. It will take you on a quick ride in the world of honey bees. From their birth to their first flight in the wide-open sky to their first mate and eventually their last breath. The author has covered everything in her book. However, it is not a story that portrays the life of a honey bee. No doubt that the author has chosen ‘bees’ as protagonists but it directly relates to the life of modern youth. Bees are just symbolic. The purpose of Seema behind writing this story is to make youth aware of the fact that love is not something that can be ended. It is not momentary. It is not for enjoyment. Love is eternal. It is pure. It is the most beautiful thing on this earth.

In such a short book, Seema has offered something that sometimes even a full-length novel is not able to provide. This is a great story that you will always remember. An important lesson that you will willingly pass to the youth who doesn’t know the meaning and value of love and relationship. And a dose of quick entertainment. She has been simple in her writing and approach. I really loved this book. Anyone can read this book anywhere. Because it is like a cup of tea that gives you instant relief.

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By Parakashtha for BookWorm Reviews

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