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Indian English fiction has been going through an experimental phase in recent decades. It has seen various genres being tried and tested and some of them being steadily followed by the authors of repute. Leaving the casual fiction aside, authors like Ashwin Sanghi and even those who win prizes of literary claims, authors have been using various themes and plots very wonderfully. The genre that has been worked upon by the authors in recent years is certainly crime thriller and out of the many supposedly best crime thriller novelists in India, some have really made many wonderful contributions to the ongoing Indian journey in English literature.

Recent successful novels like The Girl in Room 105 by Chetan Bhagat and the Keepers of Kalachakra by Ashwin Sanghi have shown once again that Indian readers take interest in changing contours rather than usual stuff served to them on regular intervals. Successful debuts by the novelists have also made their presence count – Ravi Dabral’s novel Greed Lust Addiction uses the art of traditional storytelling with India’s spiritual depth and Amit Bagaria’s novel Spies, Lies and Red Tape uses to the full the ongoing political and international tensions. However, at the core, there is the same thing – the core of a crime thriller novel.

Nevertheless, at the same time, the readers should be aware that many authors are just following what ‘others’ do instead of doing their own bit and contributing something sane and meaningful to the literary progress. Many such authors, often novice, are the authors who write only one book and fade away in time and space that is oblivion and uncovered. If you will look around, you can find the book category on Amazon filled with one-timers who have written something, self-published their books and then had some reviews on some popular book review websites in India and then vanished… was that worth? Is it fair? No – to remain in the business of literature, you need to be honest and original so that the readers may connect with you and your idea. Copying someone else’s style and content won’t let you last long!

And, at last, what have you been reading these days? I have been busy reading many books – fiction and otherwise and I will be sharing some of the best ones and their reviews with you very soon. Let’s keep the wheel of our reading lists turning and keep reading the books that satisfy your reading organs. All the best!


by Ruhi for BookWorm Reviews

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