A story of love, anger and Menopause – Her Passover by Jasmin Johnson brings a much-awaited discussion on the fore

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Dr Jasmin Johnson brings a book on menopause Her Passover

Though the recent comment came from a cinema actress that there is no dearth of good content in Indian cinema (which many interpret to be Bollywood only), it is quite otherwise if someone tells the same about Indian literature these days. Except for the publications of a few works by serious authors, regional writers and well-established authors who are respected by some and read by none (almost), no author intends to publish something meaningful, vital, socially important or even above mediocre. Nevertheless, it is the dearth of good content that allows readers like us, with critical Crizal always on, to cherish and celebrate the books that we find having content that is important, themes that are important and issues that are relevant. In the same league, I have come across a work that can be added – Her Passover by Jasmin Johnson. The full title of the book, with the subtitle, is Her Passover: Story of Menopause, Anger & Love.

As the title of this book by a doctor suggests, it puts menopause at the centre of the storyline and the love story, by virtue of which the entire novel smoothly travels to an end, is good enough to lead the readers towards understanding how can a woman smoothly transition through the phase of menopause without feeling distressed, depressed or alienated. The purpose or a cause is wonderfully embedded with the storyline itself and I am sure that the readers will make meaning out of it as intended by the author.

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Many have praised the book for its content, references and examples. The author has tried to highlight that menopause does not necessarily take a woman to a phase of seclusion or alienation. In fact, it is an opportunity to become more and more active in social causes. And to pass the message to her readers, the author has wisely used stories, images and examples so that it can be made an interesting process of imparting and receiving the messages.

Her Passover by Dr Jasmin Johnson will be an interesting read for women. An important and more interesting read for men who have to take care of women during such phase of life, husbands and partners. For young women also, the book will be very important… they can understand about the things to come at later phases in life so that they are prepared. A useful book must be shared with as many readers as possible and that is why I wrote this piece to ensure that the message reaches the right audience. If you are a woman who is concerned about menopause or anyone who is interested in knowing about this important phase of a woman’s life, this book will be useful. It is authentic because the content is written by a doctor. It is comprehensive and easy to understand because it uses interesting methods to tell the readers about the issue, without making it complex with medical terminology! Do read it!


Article by Madhav for BookWorm Reviews

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