Mamta Kashyap’s comic excellence – An Unusual Honeymoon, a romantic novel

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Honeymoons are meant to make love? Isn’t it? Well, not only that but also to know your partner, understand the emotional connection between the two and also to understand each other’s thoughts, plans and many other things. In Short, a honeymoon, ideally, means you leave everything else and try to build the essential coordination with the person with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life, ideally… have you heard about a honeymoon where you sign business deals? Negotiate with your counterparts and, most dramatically, marry another man or woman? Well, everything is possible if you are reading a novel… Mamta Kashyap’s honeymoon drama, An Unusual Honeymoon, must be appreciated for the simple reason that she could make it possible the way it is. Mahashweta’s journey is interesting, energising and also, partly, sentimental and largely unmissable for the readers who enjoy the fun with fiction.

Romantic comedy or rom-com, as the modern readers name it, has come alive in this work and it can easily be realised once you begin reading the novel. The details of an unexpected honeymoon where a woman arrives at the inn in Sikkim alone raises the eyebrows of many who are supposed to receive couples with warmth… however, a novel that practically begins with lovemaking between Mahashweta and her would-be ends with a lovemaking scene between Mahashweta and her actual husband with the woman at the door who could have been with Mahashweta’s husband if the situations were ideal… so, it’s a fiasco… it’s drama and it’s certainly sensational!

The readers who love reading novels that fire up the length and breadth of imagination might not find many things in this work to appreciate. However, the readers who are able to find joy in the works that are decorated with realism and comic elements will find too many things in this work to appreciate as well as entertain themselves with. Mamta Kashyap’s writing is comprehensive, a little predictable and too much fun to read. Simple language, straightforward conversations and a little too many occasions of self pep-talk… nevertheless, it will certainly strike the right chores of comedy.

Indian English fiction, by the writers within or outside India, no matter, has changed a lot in the past two-three decades. The current phase, one has to admit reluctantly or overwhelmingly, has been a phase of uncertainty and too many experiments in the terms of genre, themes and style. I am not sure where does this work of fiction by Mamta fit in all that, but, to be frank, it connects with your reading senses more than many other works of fiction with serious but ill-cooked elements would have done…

If you need comedy in life, this one-day fiction will serve you that!


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