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And I am going to be brutally honest about it, friends! I have indulged in reading books for more than 15 years now (leisure and professional reading besides compulsory academic ones). I have read different genres, authors and poets from various countries, experimental and innovative styles, and do not plan to stop any time soon in the future. Reading suits me without a doubt. However, in the decade of the 2010s, I witnessed a massive change in the ways readers consume content. Paperback and hardcover books are still the gold standards for readers like me who prefer experiencing a book, young readers, teenagers, and even professionals who don’t get much time to read are changed. They use their mobile phones, tablets, i-pads, computers and laptops to read books on the go, on their work desk or even in the bathrooms. It is convenient, no doubt. However, the debate is whether one should read on dedicated Kindle devices that Amazon offers to readers or a regular mobile phone or tablet that we can buy. Phone vs Amazon Kindle readers – where do you stand?

I will not speak for everyone. I cannot. However, I will give a few simple reasons that will make you understand why having a phone that can read Kindle books is better than having a Kindle device from Amazon that can only read Kindle books (and do nothing or very little of everything else without being able to make phone calls). Kindle devices are designed keeping in view the reading comfort, and sizes of the screen that match or resemble a pocket size to a paperback book. However, on most of these devices, you can seldom do anything more than just read the books you love. If you are a book lover who can spend a considerable amount to get a device specially made for reading, you are welcome. However, if you are someone (like many others) who would rather keep a single device in hand, make a call when needed, read when you feel like reading, listen to music and watch a live match when you want to… you are better with a phone with good screen resolution and brightness, a reading comfort shield etc is a bonus (sounds pretty much like a marketing gimmick though).

Reading on phones may be easier because you are accustomed to looking at your phone more often. It should not be a tough call for your eyes because you can skip the adjustment hours caused by jumping from one screen configuration to another. Moreover, technical guys will explain to you, many phones come with much better screens compared to what you get on a Kindle device from early to mid ranges. And that makes a big difference! Screen configuration decides whether you will get comfort or not.

If you are not very gadget-friendly, you might not want to carry extra baggage. Reading on digital devices, in the first place, is all about getting rid of the baggage. So, what’s the problem if one gadget can do it all for you and you can get rid of three or four KGs from your bag? Think about it!

And yes, my friends, the cost does matter! A kindle reader may cost you somewhere around 5-20,000 rs in India. Imagine getting a phone with a decent screen, good memory and nice processing power that can do it all for you. It saves cost as well! You can use the saved money to buy books or a Kindle Unlimited subscription and read as much as you want! Don’t know about a Kindle Unlimited subscription? Try it first – you pay some money and you get to read any book you want! FREE!

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Thought by Adarsh Jha for BookWorm Reviews

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