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Why do we know Ian Fleming? Why do we know Robert Ludlum? Why do we know J K Rowling? Coming to India, why do we know Chetan Bhagat? Why do we know famous personalities like Amish Tripathi and Devaki Nandan Khatri? We cannot ignore these names because they are really famous and we have to take cognisance. They all are made famous by their readers – hugely successful authors who earned name, fame, wealth and a place in the history of the times because they wrote something that could move ahead and cross the hurdles that come in between the readers and the authors. In short, there is a bond between readers and writers and those who can mark it and use it are highly successful.

When an author writes, he or she offers the readers not only ideas and thoughts, emotions and feelings but also many things that remain in the minds and hearts of the readers for long. And that is what successful authors aim at – permanence in their bonding with the readers. Chetan Bhagat, in spite of all his shortcomings as an author, has been highly successful because his readers love the books he writes. Amish Tripathi, with many claims of forging the history and ancient Indian literature, has been popular among his readers because they understand, enjoy and share whatever he offers as an author. J K Rowling, though she should more likely be categories as a juvenile fiction writer, has become a cult figure in the UK and the world because she knows what her readers want from her novels and does comply with the same.

As authors, it is the duty of the persons (novelists or non-fiction authors) to provide the readers with a perfect package that has many boxes checked, as many as possible – entertainment, realism, satisfaction from leisure, and learning (if possible) from the piece of literature they read. If an author can provide many things from these listed items, readers start noticing the style of writing, elements of fiction, characters and their traits and so many other things from the books they read. Once this affinity between particular work of literature and the readers is created, the recognition of the author begins to unfold among the masses. That’s how bestsellers are created and successful authors know it very well.

Readers and authors share an invisible but very strong bond and that is why we have still been counting the pages written by Hardy and Austen, Brontes and Eliot, Premchand and Tagore, Kalidas and Tulsidas, Vidyapati and Subhadra Kumari Chauhan… if you are willing to become an author, please keep your mind open, broadened and clutter-free so that you can grasp the feedback of the readers and implement upon those which are useful and must-addess.


By Akash for BookWorm Reviews

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