4 contemporary Hindi-Urdu poets & shayars who write various shades of love

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4 hindi urdu poets you should read modern 2021

Though we tend to ignore new trends if we are too accustomed to the old ones, it does not kill what is about to flourish or rusts what is about to shine. Hindi literature is in a phase just like that. And the same stands true for Hindi-Urdu shayari in the modern days. There are the new talents who are making it popular among youths and it was not an ideal score if we go back in time, about 2-3 decades. Yes, there are the contemporary poets and shayars we would have to give credit to. However, as a whole, it is a very bright situation for the publishers, poets, authors and even readers who are interested in Hindi-Urdu literature.

So, coming to the point of this article, are you interested in reading Hindi-Urdu shayaris? Are you one of those who just love reading romantic Hindi poetry in their leisure? If any of these two questions meet a yes as an answer, you will surely love reading these four contemporary shayars and poets I am about to list below. Do let me know in the comments whether you have read these authors or would like to read them now.

Kumar Vishwas: Who does not hum ‘koi deewana kahta hai…’? We all do… such is the popularity that KV or Kumar Vishwas enjoys. However, he might not fit the contemporary or current description as KV is the one, perhaps, who turned the eyes of casual readers of Hindi literature towards poetry, once again. He is one of those who are gifted with a bold and clear voice, wonderful verse and natural expressions. Kumar Vishwas has written many books by now and you get any of his books to begin knowing him and also understand his poetry.

Gulzar: Though his real name is Sampooran Singh Kalra, who cares? Gulzar has made a name for himself in the world of Hind and Urdu poetry and shayari that has become timeless and he will be contemporary only… for many years to come. Gulzar’s works have been sung, composed, read, recited, memorised and yet they feel too fresh to breathe in. If you want to understand the meaning of love, life and enjoy the same with the power of brevity, you need to read Gulzar asap… You can get his books easily on any online website or bookstores near you.

Gautam Rajrishi: A new, a rising star. Gautam Rajrishi’s name has become very popular among the writers, readers, critics and admirers of Hindi and Urdu poetry in India. He has touched the heights of popularity in his writing journey with the publication of Neela-Neela, a collection of ghazals and shayaris on love, life and other themes. Gautam’s poetry is loved by the readers because he keeps his verse simple and tries to communicate his ideas in very simple words. He even uses words that we use commonly in our daily conversations. Though a little unconventional, Gautam Rajrishi has become a very common face on the stages where mushayaras and kavi sammelans take place. His loud, disciplined and emphatic voice gives his shayaris a very unique appeal. You can read any of his books, Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan or Neela-Neela to enjoy different shades of love.

Piyush Mishra: Though he is not as vocal as others on the list, Piyush Mishra’s poetry is brilliant and it does have many glimpses of life and love that you might want to know earnestly. He has written many poems, books and also lyrics for the songs that you might be humming all your day without knowing who is the lyricist. The most famous one is ‘aarambh hai prachand…’. Piyush Mishra is a poet who offers sensibilities, maturity and also the funny and amusing sides of life through his poetry and you will surely find it worth enjoying…


So, friends, this was my list for the day and I will be back with other lists once I prepare them for various interest areas and choice sets. I hope that you will read the books by these poets and shayars and enjoy them.

List by Gunjan for BookWorm Reviews

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