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The Moon Wolf by Sanjana Kanamarlapudi book review BookWorm

At the age when almost all kids are interested in studies, friends, cartoons, digital games, sports and other allied activities, there are few exceptions too. These exceptional kids or young friends keep themselves comfortable in the world of books (fictional as well non-fictional). For them, books are their friends and source of enjoyment both. Moreover, while many of such exceptional kids like reading, there are rare few who love writing as well… and the rarest of them are exceptional at it! Sanjana Kanamarlapaudi is one of them. Her wide thoughts, perception of seeing things and situations differently and ability to express her views in words makes her standout amongst the kids of her age. I was literally in a kind of shock when I came to know that she’s just 14 and has written more than five books already. And the book which I picked up to read, “The Moon Wolf”, is her most recent work. 

Now coming to her book, it is a short length book that would take you to the kingdom of wolves. The story starts with a wolf-cub who’s left alone in the jungle and found by a pack of wolves. After knowing that he’s all alone, the leader of the pack, Alpha, decides to include him in its pack. Since his face glows like a shining moon, members of the pack together give him the name ‘Moony’. Moony is trained by Alpha with other cubs of the pack. Soon, Alpha realizes his extraordinary qualities of Moony, especially his hunting skills and abilities that are rare and almost supernatural. After he is notified of Moony’s super abilities, Alpha begins to believe that Moony is the one who has come from the moon and he will finally end the centuries-old enmity between wolves and humans. He starts giving him advanced training. However, Grey, one of the members of the pack didn’t like Alpha giving him much importance to Moony. Grey wants to kill Alpha and become the leader. But, his dream remains a dream only. After the demise of Alpha, Moony becomes the leader of the pack. And this embarks the ugly fight between Moony and Grey. Will Moony be able to befriend humans? What will he do to end the differences between wolves and humans? Will humans support Moony in his battle against Grey? Which members of the pack will join Grey? Will Moony win? There are questions that are wonderfully and explicitly described by the young author.

The book is written in a simple yet mature way. I must say, Sanjana’s thoughts have deep meanings. Also, at such a tender age, her narrative structure and her understanding of a sequence of events to express a particular emotion or situation are commendable. But, if you’re thinking that it is just a simple fictional novel, then you’re mistaken. Trust me, it is beyond that. It comprises lessons of friendship, training, hunting and leadership. It is about realising your own potential and using it fully. These things come in an indirect way into the main story of the novel and you will surely relish that. This novel is for kids, young adults and for grown-ups as well. 

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Review by Nidhi for BookWorm Reviews

The Moon Wolf by Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – Book Review
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The Moon Wolf by Sanjana Kanamarlapudi is the culmination of a young artist’s progress and development in the form that her readers will love for sure.

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