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A Dark Love Story Book Review Shairoz K Anwar Ali bookworm

Fiction writing has caught many flames recently and mysterious plots have added more favours to already available space – which is immense and infinite. After a very brilliant publication on vampire fiction in the 21st-century and then a movie on the same, readers around the world have seen several publications featuring vampires and werewolves and many of them are merely manipulated storylines, somehow managing to keep the readers indulged. However, some of them do have something on their own, we can call that original imagination. A recent novel by Shairoz K. Anwarali, A Dark Love Story, appears to be different, with a narrative that confines vampire-human love story only in a limited ambit to include many other perspectives around that. The story of Ella and Parker might be one to entertain the readers in these times so weird.

The novel is centralised on the protagonist who is an orphan girl, Ella. Her brilliance, but a reluctance as well, makes her stand out among many other characters and you can easily identify the protagonist until the male protagonist arrives on the scene and begins dominating the storyline. Parker’s portrayal as a vampire is attractive as well as powerful with many shades of dark light in his character. However, Ella does stand out as a mortal human being with her strong feelings for Parker and, at the same time, a dignity in her character that pushes her to find out more about her parents.

The novel moves with the slow speed in the beginning and does catch a good pace once we move further. The lexicon applied to the narrative is simple and effectively communicative. Modern readers, especially those who are young, will find it immediately connecting to their conscious. The plot is simple – gradual revelation of the incidents, events and motifs. The theme is basically a romantic encounter between a fragile human being craving for affection and love and a vampire who is looking for the one he used to love about hundred years ago. To that extent, the novel is well-written and it can be an entertainer for a day.

Looking at it critically, Shairoz’s writing does not impress too much! It is just there and we can enjoy it. However, it certainly becomes challenging when one decides to begin with a story which has, perhaps, been epically told by a novelist in the past and a novelist in the present. There is a very little room for creativity and she has tried her best with alterations in the suspected plot and storyline. However, the readers who have read many vampire novels in the past might find it the same with a little difference at the end. Nevertheless, the readers who have not read many vampire novels or are new to the genre-party might find A Dark Love Story an entertainer… So, it depends on what’s your profile!

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A Dark Love Story

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  • Out of the box plot development
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  • Style could have been better
  • Plot should have been worked well
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