Vinoth M, an emerging author, asks where is God? Who is God?

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Vinoth M The concept of God book

“To begin with, where did the singularity, which exploded to form the universe, come from? How long was the singularity hovering in an unimaginable space?”

The lines mentioned above feature on page number 21, the first chapter, in the book The Concept of ‘God’ written by Vinoth M. The book sounds very intriguing and it stands up to the promise that the title might make to you without acknowledging (from your side as well as the author’s side). Such books must bring newness because we have almost bored with the questions which only intrigue and don’t satisfy the urge of knowledge in the heart (and may also be in the soul once we understand what soul is).

The Concept of ‘God’ by Vinoth M features 7 different chapters and the chapters cover 122 pages with the book running up to 130 pages when we add everything to it, the preface and other qualifying pages. The title is more than enough to raise the bars of expectation in the readers. The division of chapters stands up to it as well. Vinoth M, who has rather done a scientific inquiry into various fields looking for ‘God’, has included dedicated chapters on Chaos, Order, Time, Energy and dedicated the last chapter to God. This will be an interesting journey for any reader because I am saying so with my own experiences with the book.

One thing might be said at the outset that The Concept of ‘God’ is more about trying to place the concept amid some scientific investigation rather than looking at it through the eyes of a ‘believer’. However, this might not stand truest possible explanation of Vinoth’s ‘inquiry’ into the domain of God because he brings many things that we generally associate with the idea of God when taking into consideration the spiritual or the religious ramifications. He talks about the ancient Tamil philosophy and spiritual writings. He talks about Patanjali and his Sutras. He also talks about the soul and its spiritual ramifications… Vinoth has tried to balance his inquiry with elements that will please the believers as well as the investigators.

“The soul as we know is a constantly oscillating energy field. The oscillation can be because of the body expending more energy for work or absorbing the nutrients and energy from food, or any other process. The energy field is constantly balanced to a normal level by regular intake and expenditure of food.”

With lines like above, the author is trying to strike a balance and ‘fix’ the existence of Soul… am I exaggerating it? 🙂 Well, the matter of fact is that Vinoth’s inquisitive mind will help many others who want to understand the concept of God through the perspectives of science and others with science taking the driver’s seat. God, in relation to human existence, is an essential entity for us because of many reasons – spiritual and religious. However, we all know that there are many phenomena in the world that cannot be explained in the terms of scientific explanations only and for those, we do need to assume there is ‘one’ beyond science – and the line is defined as spiritual, divine or Godly.

Vinoth’s The Concept of ‘God’ will likely fit into the reading habits’ structure of many people who like reading non-fiction themes such as spirituality and religion. However, it does come with an added flavour of science which makes things even more exciting. All the best to all those who might want to associate their inquiries with that of Vinoth’s!

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  • That sounds interesting… thanks for sharing this thing which might remain unknown otherwise. That is why I love you guys doing book reviews and updating us, the readers about books we might ignore. Wonderful guys. I will check out Vinoth’s book when I get the chance.


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