Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy by Jayaram Rajaram – Book Review

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Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy book review Jayaram BookWorm

Jayaram Rajaram’s debut book, Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy, touted as Intuitive Investing Across Asset Classes, has impressed readers and beginners in investment… the book has not only generated a favourable response on various book hosting platforms but also garnered a dedicated fan base for the author, comprised of people who are interested in developing a profitable portfolio and generating wealth by investing in various options beyond the stock market – land, rent, debt, gold, etc. Why is the book being popular? Why are readers interested in Jayaram Rajaram’s opinions? To understand this, we will have to take a look at the book’s salient features.

Simple language, simple arguments, simple tips and suggestions: usually, a book on stock, investments, real estate investments, and investments of any kind will compulsively share data, charts, records, historical data and many other forms of data to convince the readers. However, in doing so, many authors alienate, unconsciously, the average readers who are not from a financial or economical education background. However, in the case of Jayaram Rajaram’s book, Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy, the author did not follow the traditional financial book template. He has written extensively on the basis of his personal experience, his personal strategies and the personal tools he uses to find out the best stocks to add to his portfolio. There is nothing in terms of figures, numbers or statistics in the book that will confuse the average reader.

Brief introductions to different investment options: The author did not only stick to any single type of investment option. Jayaram has briefly introduced and discussed various kinds of investments for a profitable return in the long run. The book talks about stock investment, real estate investment, agricultural land investment, land plot investments, home-office rent investments, mass or crowd purchasing investments, god and debt investments, and also a brief chapter on cryptocurrency investment. And therefore, the book does not tend to become boring at all. Readers will enjoy it to the end for sure and also learn from it.

Honest, straightforward and candid conversation: In the very beginning, the author clarifies the audience of this book. He clearly mentions that he will be discussing long-run strategies and nothing in the short term. He also talks about a certain capital that one needs to have before understanding anything in this book. And therefore, one has to admire the upfront conversation by the author. He does not want to keep the readers in dark about anything, with promises that might not be true. Jayaram’s book is educational, inspirational and for knowledge purposes and yet very honest, very direct and without any ado.

Who should read the book?
The book will be an ideal option for those who aspire to make a wealthy possession in the long run of life. If you have a decent income and you are looking to have a better life after 20-30 years from now, you can give this book a read and learn about the suggestions that the author has offered. It is to be noted that the author does not promise any returns for sure. It is all up to the readers’ understanding of the situations, interpretation of the tips and ideas, and possible futuristic scenarios.

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Review by Rohit for BookWorm Reviews

Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy by Jayaram Rajaram – Book Review
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Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy by Jayaram Rajaram is a book on financial management that shows the methods to increase, accumulate and garner wealth by investing in various options.

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