India Positive Citizen: Building A Great Nation, one India positive action at a time by Savitha Rao – Review

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India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao book review one action at a time

On rare occasions only we are impressed so much by something that we overdrive in our attempts to praise that particular idea, object or person. For a person like me, a book critic, what else can be the object of attention other than a book! I was introduced to a recently published title by Savitha Rao, a woman who has left her professional career to contribute in the process of nation-building, India Positive Citizen: Building A Great Nation, one India positive action at a time. From the reviews and from the critical opinions thus far, as well as the sentiment of readers, it is more than clear that India Positive Citizen transcends the idea of a traditional book. It is more than a collection of pages tightened together. It is an idea. It is a resolve of the people mentioned in the book who have been doing their part in order to see the change we all envision.

India Positive Citizen is an attempt to bring to light the heroes who are fighting mismanagement, lack of resolve and the lazy habit of people of ignoring the mess around us. Dedicated to the brave army officers of Indian Army, especially to the ones who laid their lives for us in Galvan, the book has stories of people from all age groups, different locations in India, men and women all who have been doing social service in various forms selflessly, for many years, for some years or just began. The purpose of the book, as the author conveys in her preface, is to awaken the spirit of the readers to act rather than being a mute spectator only.

For example, the author has shared a small incident about her attempts to find a suitable person who could use her new green stole. While she looked for a young girl who could be an ideal candidate to get this, accidentally and reluctantly, she offered the stole to an old woman in a temple and to the surprise of Savitha, the old lady readily accepted it as she was finding it difficult to stay in the Sun because of recent cataract surgery and the stole would help her a lot because her sari wasn’t long enough to cover her head!

How do you find the incident? and the author rightly points out in the same chapter that we can contribute our unusable goods for the people who might be needing those readily. She writes:

“We all have things at home that are in great condition but which we can’t or don’t plan to use. Gift those to the people who need them. You never know how much it could help a fellow Indian.”

India Positive Citizen is full of many examples which will not only inspire you to do good but also compel you to enter into an action mode rather quickly. The book is fully equipped with a simple, plain and straightforward writing with content enriched with inspiration, emotions and motivation to stir anyone’s conscience.

I suggest this book for every reader who can read English and understand the meaning of whatever he or she reads. That means someone who is 9 or someone who is 90, anyone will find the book useful. Become proud citizens of India and while our armed forces are keeping our country safe from external enemies, let’s keep India clean, healthy and smiling. Pledge your support – plan your action and begin. Become an India Positive Citizen now!

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India Positive Citizen: Building A Great Nation, one India positive action at a time

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